What Next From Vinod Sekhar After Green Rubber

Some would call him a chip off the old block. Others would say the spirit of his late father lives on in him, but whatever one says, the fact remains that Datuk Vinod Sekhar shares the late Tan Sri Dr BC Sekhar’s passion for rubber.

And taking from the foundation built by the elder Sekhar, Vinod has spent the best part of the late decade with a team of scientists to improve and perfect the DeLink process of recycling rubber – the world’s only patented method of doing so.

Today, as President and CEO of the Petra Group, Vinod is excited as he speaks of developments in recycling rubber. And soon he will have a brand new plant which will recycle discarded rubber tyres, in Malaysia.

Plans are also afoot to build other plants around the world to recycle the estimated 1.3 billion tyres that are discarded globally and turn them into usable products that are of benefit to mankind.

The effect of this transcends the recycling sector and even enters health – specifically the containment of dengue which is now a major problem in Malaysia, with hospitals sending patients home to recuperate.

Dengue which is spread by the Aedes mosquito breeds and multiplies in discarded tyres that contain water – a cause of the disease’s spread in Malaysia and other Asian countries with lower levels of awareness compared to more developed countries.

Coming back to recycling, however, the fact remains that discarded tyres are a major source of pollution, no thanks to the tyre mountain that exist in some countries. This causes chemicals in them to seep into the soil, raising concerns of a potential environmental catastrophe.

Vinod’s Green Rubber Global Ltd, a subsidiary of the Petra Group, is already providing its technology to the Timberland Company which, since 2009, has produced shoes where the soles are made from recycled rubber.

The DeLink technology that is used for the rubber recycling process has since been improved and bettered to now be more efficient thanks to Vinod and his team of scientists.

Starting with the Timberland Company, the world is now recognising Green Rubber, which is what the recycled rubber is called, as a major discovery of the 21st century. We await with bated breath on what else Vinod and the Petra Group will come up next.