Tips When Looking for Condos in Singapore


When moving to Singapore for a year or a number of years, finding a place to rent is vital for success. When looking at the real estate market for available condominiums in Singapore to rent, it can be overwhelming. However, keeping these tips in mind can help people when they are looking for condos in Singapore.


Understanding Reality

Singapore, like many other cultures in the world, does things in a particular way that may seem backwards or upside down to outsiders. While there is nothing wrong with having a different way of doing things, it is important to remember that Singapore is unique and distinct. Understanding this reality can help people when they realise that renting a condominium in Singapore is unique.


Having Help

It is highly recommended that people who are looking for Singapore condos identify a reputable real estate agent for assistance in finding an appropriate place to rent. Keep in mind that in order to view a condominium, an individual must contact a property owner or his or her representative. It can be quite challenging to contact the right people and view a place at an appropriate time. A real estate agent can help clients find condominiums in Singapore that can fit into a budget or a specific location in which they want to live.


Furnished or Unfurnished

Some Singapore condos are fully furnished with everything that one could imagine. It can be a great benefit not to bring unnecessary furniture, beds and other miscellaneous items that can be extremely costly to ship. However, if a particular item were to break, it would be extremely costly to replace. Some landlords may try to ask for a higher price to replace a broken item. When considering a condo, bring a camera and take pictures in each room about what items the landlord owns. It may be better to ship in furniture and personal belongings than to use furnishings that are already there.



Location, Location, Location

It can be easy to read about a condominium in Singapore that is close to various amenities and has transportation to places within a community. While visiting a particular condominium in Singapore, do some research about whether there is truly great transportation around the building. There are some condo for rent near Tiong Bahru MRT. Ask a tenant if an advertisement is true about parking or local bus stops. Asking questions about a location can save people problems.


A Good Clause

Before officially signing documents to rent a condo in Singapore, be sure that there is an expatriate clause that guarantees a return of a security deposit if the lease has to be cancelled. After all, an employer may decide to move an employee after six months instead of the two years that was originally promised. Property owners have expatriate clauses, and do not accept excuses if one cannot be found.


Singapore can be an amazing place to live. People can find the condo in Singapore that they want. Although there is time and patience that is required, the results are worth it.