The Benefits of Serviced Offices in Malaysia



Service offices have been popping up everywhere in Malaysia to accommodate the increasing number of small businesses and start-ups being built every year. Yet while serviced offices are seemingly poised to revolutionize the way companies acquire the space they need, most business owners and entrepreneurs ironically remain unaware or intentionally neglect the value that this line of service could bring in.

serviced-office003How Does it Work

A serviced Malaysian office pertains to any individual office space or an entire office building that is fully furnished and overseen by a management company. The said company rents out modules of the building, either whole floors or individual rooms, to other companies. Other terms used to denote this new service line include executive suite, business center, or managed office.

tumblr_m0sb33FINd1qbpp7rWhy Are They Superior to Traditional Office Spaces?

Management companies are able to offer serviced Malaysian offices at more competitive rates and within more flexible terms and conditions as opposed to traditional leasing contracts. For a new business or existing start-up looking to expand to Malaysia, this means you virtually have no upfront costs since furnishing, equipment, and utilities are already packaged into the contract.

Being able to acquire a well-known address is another noteworthy benefit of serviced Malaysian offices. You’ll be able to position your brand in Malaysia’s bustling business centre without having to fight with local competition and pay a hefty premium for even a small amount of space.

The ease of transition also makes managed offices a godsend to many expat entrepreneurs. After you’ve handled the business registration in Malaysia, you’ll simply need to move into the managed space and all the equipment you need to get started is already there. If additional space is required, such as in the event that your company’s size doubles in a matter of weeks, it’s fairly easy to request for more space from the management.

Starter-Image3Alternative to Serviced Spaces

There’s also virtual offices provided by management companies in Malaysia. The only real difference between the two is that virtual offices have no physical space leased. Instead, it is designed to provide business clientele with communication support and tools for effective and timely response to business customers. A virtual office comes with a remote receptionist and virtual assistant. This saves you time in finding reliable front-end employees for your business.

Virtual offices come as the more logical option for businesses with limited budget. The cost of renting out virtual office space comes at a fraction of the rent or lease of both traditional and serviced real estate. Similar to a managed office, you’ll also be given a prestigious physical address that can add value to your brand and make it more trustworthy to your target market.

Whether you choose serviced space or virtual space, make sure to ask for professional advice with a local property agent. Not all management companies operate at the same efficiency and capacity, so it’s prudent to examine how they price their monthly rates, what services are included, and how much support you’ll actually be receiving.