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Water Is Not Enough For A Person Who Perspires While Exercising

People who exercise intensely enough to work up a sweat should recognize that their body is losing electrolytes as well as fluid. Transpiration is the name of this process, and it begins to occur when a person exercises moderately for more than one hour. In health circles today, an isotonic drink is the preferable way to replace lost electrolytes and body fluid, because it contains essential minerals like magnesium and potassium. Furthermore, plain water can only rehydrate someone who is working out; it cannot restore crucial electrolytes or supply the body with carbohydrates, which it needs for energy.


An isotonic drink is simply fruit juice mixed with water and a pinch of salt. Athletes and those who exercise regularly can make their own isotonic concoction at home, but it is so much easier to buy them already made and ready to go. Moreover, by checking out an online supermarket the consumer is able to comparison shop for lowest prices and their favorite flavors. These non-sugary drinks are only lightly fruity-tasting, since the main purpose of an isotonic drink is to provide the body with what it needs for peak performance.


Another factor is the amount of urine that is produced during a workout, and how an isotonic fruit juice drink maintains the osmolality of the blood, which keeps the urine output low. In addition, just being in a hot climate can cause an individual to sweat enough to run the risk of depleting their reserve of vital minerals. Thankfully, ready-made isotonic fruit juice drinks that are available through this online supermarket have balanced amounts of salt and sugar to match that of the human body. However, special formulas for professional athletes have various amounts of needed salts and carbohydrates, which sustain them through highly vigorous activity and provide additional endurance.

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