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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Server Colocation Service

When choosing a server location, don’t leave it to chance as you will end up reeling from a poor decision. At the same time, don’t overthink this as you can find a quality provider if you take a few minutes to ask yourself a few questions. With this in mind, here are four things to consider when choosing a server colocation facility.

Location: It’s easy to choose a far off place as business owners think they will not need to visit the facilities very often. However, whether you want to upgrade the server or securely download data, you will want to head to the location. For this reason, when looking for a provider, remember to find one within a short drive of your home or office. Otherwise, you or your techs will end up driving to and from the site when minor errors occur.

Technical support: Often, an entrepreneur will believe he or she will not need any help with their server. This can’t be further from the truth as a server has plenty of moving parts and can break at any time. When faced with a crashing or malfunctioning server, your customers won’t access your site or files. Instead of going at it on your own, find a server colocation facility offering round-the-clock support. At the same time, when looking for support, look for a company offering both in-person and over the phone assistance. While the provider will charge a higher price for this, it’s worth it in the end as your company will suffer from PR and financial problems if your server goes offline.



Perfect track record: You don’t want to leave your data with a company that doesn’t provide for their customers. To find an excellent server colocation provider, look for one with an excellent track record. Now, it’s not always easy to find one as you will need to research the company thoroughly. To start, when you find a business you want to use, head online and search for their name on Google. Then, browse the results and look for any reviews. If there are an abundance of complaints, consider other options. On the other hand, if clients provide glowing reviews, you can choose the provider and not regret your decision.

Security: According to Gigabit server colocation provider in Malaysia, one data breach can bankrupt your business or cause you a serious public relations nightmare. To avoid this costly and time-consuming problem, look for a provider offering solid security. At minimum, the site needs to staff security guards and limit access to the colocation room. Otherwise, one unwanted guest can wreak havoc on the servers and cause you to lose data. Furthermore, choose a company offering multiple layers of security on the server. With the best anti-virus software, you can keep your data safe and secure, all without worry. Remember, don’t leave this to chance as it’s too important to ignore security.

With these four simple tips, you can find the ideal colocation facility for your unique wants and needs. If you ask questions and think about your situation, you will avoid common problems others face.


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