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Keeping Nails Healthy With A Proper Routine

Fingernails are built-in fashion accessories. Women who make the effort to keep their nails healthy always look polished and well-styled. Before the nails can be filed into fashionable shapes and painted the hottest colors, they must be firm and resilient; even the gentlest polishes and removers can deprive nails of strength and vital nutrients. Just as hairstyles always look better when the hair is already in a state of optimum health, nail polish looks its smoothest and brightest on a foundation of healthy nails.

Nail health begins on the inside. B vitamins make nails durable. Biotin in particular has been found to strengthen keratin, one of the compounds comprising the tissue of the nails. Biotin can be found in nuts, tomatoes and yogurt. Eggs and milk contain zinc, which make nail color consistent and eliminate white spots. Protein makes nails grow faster and more evenly. Iron, which is found in red meat, broccoli and leafy greens, keeps nails smooth. Calcium and vitamin D maximize the degree to which the nails can absorb and retain moisture. Vitamins A and C keep nails looking glossy and fresh. Some women like to take prenatal vitamins to make their nails grow quickly.

Basic nail care is easy to integrate into one’s current beauty routine (info source: Beauty Advice Passed Down Through Generations). The nails and cuticles should be moisturized with hand lotion or petroleum jelly. Nails should be trimmed frequently to make sure that any weak or rough areas are removed before moisture and strength are leeched out of the healthy parts. Filing should be done methodically in one direction only. Filing back and forth makes the edges ragged and weak. The hands and nails must be dried thoroughly after activities like washing dishes or housecleaning. Any bacteria or germs that are allowed to remain on the nails could potentially remain and grow on the nail beds. Women who would like to keep their nails healthy in the long run should avoid getting false tips applied. It takes a very long time for the nails to return to their former state after tips are removed.

Wearing a protective coat of nail polish from a brand like Butter London protects the nails from the elements and provides a physical barrier against breakage. Nail polish removers that contain acetone are to be avoided at all costs. Keeping one’s nails long and healthy is easily accomplished by adding nutritious foods to one’s diet, being careful about maintenance and choosing the right products.

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