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Keeping Hair Healthy is a Matter of Changing Habits

Many people understand the importance of keeping their bodies healthy, but when it comes to hair, health is one aspect that is often overlooked. Men and women alike tend to think of their hair purely in esthetic terms. If their hair looks bad, they try a new style or buy products from top cosmetic brands in hopes of making it look better. These measures can alleviate the problem, but keeping hair in top health is actually one of the best ways to keep it looking great.

A balanced diet can keep tresses looking their best. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is ideal. Taking a good multivitamin can also help boost hair health. Biotin, a vitamin commonly found in many multivitamins, can have a positive effect on hair. Vitamin E can help boost circulation at the scalp, which helps boost growth as well. This is one simple change that can improve not only hair but overall health at the same time.

Another way to keep hair looking great is to treat it gently. Mishandling hair often causes it to become dry and brittle. Many people don’t realize that their daily styling habits could be causing their hair problems. People who are suffering from hair loss, thinning, or frequent breakage should take a good look at their routine to uncover unhealthy habits. Keeping hair tightly bound in a ponytail often leads to breakage at the site where the band is placed. Switching to a soft elastic without a clasp can help. Many stylists recommend braids as an alternative to ponytails. Braided hair is tied close to the ends, which means the damage is easy to cut off during trims without taking away too much length.

Hair also suffers tremendously from styling and chemical treatments. Although using a flat iron or getting hair colored can improve the appearance of hair for a time, these actions can damage the condition of hair in the long term. Many people use cheap shampoos to get the best buy on cosmetics, but reading labels is important because certain chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate can wreak havoc on hair. Natural products such as those made by Korres are much gentler.

Healthy hair is easy to manage and looks great with little effort. Gentle treatment, natural products, and a nutritious diet can all help contribute to the full, beautiful mane that so many people desire.

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