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Edward Bess: Makeup Prodigy & Artist

Can an 18-year-old boy from South Carolina teach grown women about makeup? If his name is Edward Bess, he can teach them plenty. In fact, he can even invent a makeup line that enhances their skin, brings out their inner beauty and gives them a glowing complexion that lasts all day.

And now, at age 25, Edward has advised and made up some of the most beautiful and famous movie stars and influential women in the world. He always knew his sense of style could help women improve their appearance. When he was younger, he worked on the faces of his mother and three sisters, showing them what colors to wear and how to complete an outfit with lipstick. They trusted him even when he was only a child. He knew even then that he had a unique vocation.

He began at age 15 as a model for well-known fashion designers. But he saw he could be more useful to women if he could help them look better with his products, which he had begun formulating. Just as a musician flinches when a wrong note is played, he had grown tired of seeing women look all wrong in the makeup they were wearing. And that was all the motivation he needed to start his own makeup brand. His lipstick line, called Lip Wardrobe, is a makeup line with staying power.

He had his own counter at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman store, where influential women stopped by for a personal makeover from Edward. He was an instant success and his makeup line was a hit. Women loved the creaminess of his lipstick and went wild over the amazing range of colors.

Even though he is one of those rare people with an inborn sense of style, he is still thrilled to have such celebrities as Kristie Alley, Vera Wang and Courtenay Cox as well as the late Farah Fawcett among his customers.

Some of his customers just can’t get over that his concealer does not cake or crease, unlike the products they had been using. They wear it from morning to night. Edward loves meeting his customers when he occasionally visits his counters. They fuss over his handsome, boyish good looks, but more than that, they rave about his products.

Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe available at Luxola.com

Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe available at Luxola.com


Listen to a TBB fave, Edward Bess, talk about his gorgeous self-titled makeup range and its launch in the UK.

His advice to women is “Less is more,” and urges them not to put makeup on with a trowel. While he never imagined the success he now has, he doesn’t take it for granted. Stop by his counter one day and you may see Edward Bess doing a makeover on a customer and offering invaluable advice. You also may order Edward Bess makeup online. The next post you will learn How to Get The Best Deals at Online Cosmetics site.

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