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8 Tips To Keep You as Safe As Possible While Cycling


8 Tips To Keep You as Safe As Possible While Cycling

Cycling is an excellent way to exercise your body and tone your muscles. Cycling is an outdoor activity that does come with some risks. You need to be proactive and take steps to protect yourself. Eight tips will keep you as safe as possible while cycling.


1. Warm Up Before Starting

The first tip is to warm up before you start your ride. You never want to go cycling without loosening and preparing your muscles first. Do light stretches and exercise for around 10 to 15 minutes before you get on the bike. Stretch your arms, legs and back. This will loosen your muscles so there is less of a chance of cramping, stiffness or pain.


2. Look over Your Bike

You need to look over your bike every time before you get on and go cycling. This is very important. Check your brakes, your gears and your tires for problems. Ensure the seat and handlebars are at the right height. Fix any problems you find right away. This will prevent mechanical problems from causing an accident.


3. Choose Your Route Carefully

Know where you are going before getting on your bike. Choose your route carefully. The first thing to look for is a safe route. Avoid cycling through dense areas filled with pedestrians and cars. Try to use dedicated bike paths or roads with bike lanes. You also want to look for a route that matches your level of fitness. If you are just getting fit, then you might want to avoid routes that go up steep hills or through overgrown areas.


4. Get the Right Gear

Get the right gear for cycling and wear it every time you ride. You want comfortable cycling clothes that keep you cool and that fit tight so the fabric does not become caught in the gears. You also want a good pair of shoes for cycling that will keep your feet firmly in contact with the pedals. Wear a quality helmet. You might want to wear elbow pads and kneepads as well if you are taking on a challenging route.



5. Stay As Visible As Possible

You need to stay as visible as possible while cycling. This is true whether you are cycling on paved roads or cycling on trails in wooded areas. Wear clothes that have bright colors or reflective strips on the back and sides. Be certain the reflectors are present and visible on your bike. Consider getting lights for the front and back of your bike if you enjoy cycling when it is dark outside.


6. Carry an Emergency Kit

Pack a small emergency kit and take it with you whenever you cycle. The kit should contain basic tools for adjusting or repairing your bike. Carry a small tire repair kit. You will also want to have some money and food in the kit just in case you are stranded somewhere for hours while waiting for help to arrive.


7. Stay Alert and Aware

You need to stay alert and aware the entire time you are cycling. Always watch the road in front of you. Look around constantly for obstacles. If you are listening to music while cycling, then turn down the volume so you can hear the cars and people nearby. Turn off your cell phone so that you are not distracted.


8. Remember To Stop and Rest

A final tip is to remember to stop and rest whenever necessary. If you start to feel fatigued or tired, then stop and rest for around 10 minutes in a safe spot. Stretch a little while resting. If you are on a long ride, then try to stop and rest every 45 minutes to an hour. This will prevent injuries caused by overworking your muscles while also reducing the time it takes to recover later.

You want to take your time whenever you are cycling. Take all safety procedures very seriously and never forget to wear all the right gear. The time you spend on safety can prevent many problems like broken bones and collisions with cars or pedestrians.

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5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight With Cycling

Adding cycling to a workout regimen is a fantastic way to engage in a full-body workout and kick-start a weight loss plan. New cyclists and beginning riders will want to follow these simple tips for adding cycling to a healthy diet and exercise plan.





✪ Introduce Different Types of Cycling ✪

There are many different types of bicycles, and as a result, there are also different types of cycling adventures. Some routes might take a rider off-road for a challenging workout while others might take a rider on a path near the beach where there’s not a hill in sight. For riders who have access to different types of riding opportunities, consider purchasing a hybrid bicycle that’s able to scale the difficult terrain of a dirt road as well as the smooth pavement of a neighborhood road.


Hybrid bicycle by Sanyo

Hybrid bicycle by Sanyo




✪ Try a Stationary Bike ✪

Having access to a stationary bike is a good idea for a few reasons. When the weather is bad, and an outdoor cycling workout must be placed on hold, the stationary bike can offer a substitute workout. In addition, a stationary bike might be the best way to experience cycling for the first time as a beginner. Although it’s quite common to know how to ride a bike, practicing indoors before heading outside is a helpful safety technique.



Stationary Bike




✪ Get Creative with Scheduling ✪

Riding a bike during a weekly workout isn’t the only way to introduce cycling into an active, healthy lifestyle. Commuting to work on a bicycle offers an invigorating way to get to the office (or any work site) as well as helps to keep the planet green. Riding to work doesn’t have to be a daily event. Trying a bicycle commute once or twice a week to start is a fine way to get the weight loss ball rolling.


fixie bike




✪ Start Slowly and Don’t Burn Out ✪

Starting a new exercise routine is exciting, but heading out too often can lead to injury and burnout. Bicycle professionals suggest that anyone who has decided to start cycling and isn’t used to the regular and potentially strenuous activity of riding a bicycle should strengthen the body slowly and ensure that the body is rested in between workouts. A healthy workout schedule also means getting a lot of sleep. Additionally, anyone who wants to lose weight should know that sleep deprivation may lead to overeating and a false sense of hunger.





✪ Join a Local Riding Group ✪

Most metropolitan areas have riding clubs that will gather a few times a week to ride pack-style, on a pre-planned course. Joining these groups is often free and requires nothing more than showing up on time, with a bike. For cyclists who don’t live in a large city and who might have difficulties finding riding partners, getting together with a few friends for regular rides is a suitable alternative.

New riders will want to visit this site for more information on how to start a cycling hobby that might just turn into a lifelong, healthy habit. Lose weight, feel better, and improve health by cycling smartly and safely.


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