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The Role of the Company Secretary

Secretaries perform a variety of tasks that assist in the efficient running of an office. They are essential to the organizations that they serve, and may support several executives simultaneously. Secretaries, also called administrative assistants, work in a variety of fields. Financial firms, healthcare companies and non-profit organizations all hire secretaries to ensure a smooth running office.

Secretaries generally perform the following tasks: 

  Answer and transfer incoming calls, take messages and relay information by phone 

  Arrange meetings and conferences and set up travel arrangements 

  Greet visitors and direct them to the appropriate departments 

  Manage clerical staff and create office procedures 

  Arrange for catering and conduct event planning 

  Accept packages and handle incoming and outgoing correspondence 
The duties of a secretary can vary based on the industry. Human resources secretaries often perform tasks that are specific to their fields. HR secretaries often perform the following tasks:

 Screen resumes for open positions 

 Conduct phone interviews and schedule in-person interviews 

 Take notes in interviews 

 Write, post and manage job descriptions 

 Conduct new hire orientation 

 Conduct exit interviews 

 Provide information about benefits 

 Set up meetings for employee reviews 

 Processing payroll and enrolling staff in direct deposit 

Secretaries in the health care field often perform tasks that assist in the care of patients. These duties include:

 Scheduling patient appointments 

 Retrieving patient files for review by physicians 

 Setting up exam rooms 

 Managing nursing staff, scheduling employee shifts and processing payroll 

 Ordering supplies from outside vendors 

Secretarial staff in non-profit organizations perform duties in addition to the standard tasks that most secretaries carry out. Administrative assistants in non-profit organizations often:

 Maintain donor databases 

 Create mailings to solicit donations

 Assist in planning fundraisers and benefits 

 Assist grant writers in preparing grant applications 

 Work with company board of directors 

 Schedule community outreach events and execute events on-site 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for secretaries in 2010 was $34,665. The salary for the position can vary widely by industry and geographic location. Secretaries in the financial fields often enjoy higher salaries with generous benefits packages. Assistants in metropolitan areas like San Francisco, New York and Chicago often enjoy higher than average salaries.

The company secretary is a vital member of the organization, ensuring that the office runs smoothly. The secretary is often tasked with managing the complex schedules of multiple executives, managing subordinates and communicating with the public. The demand for secretaries is only growing, with companies clamoring to retain the best talent. Secretaries are the lifeblood of the organizations they serve and are highly sought after in the workforce.



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