What is Push & Pull Marketing?

Traditional marketing takes place between two major strategies. These are called “push” and “pull.”

Whereas in the older days more push marketing techniques were used, today, the tactics have switched to include pull marketing strategies. Learn more how they distinguish themselves in their essential makeup.

Push Marketing: Push marketing often utilizes a company’s existing sales force. This type of marketing has traditionally been used in trade shows, on flyers, in press releases, print, broadcasts, direct marketing, and more recently in mobile marketing (also called SMS marketing).

The art of the game is to evoke consumer demand by promoting a product or service to potential customers. You basically tell people what they want/need, what they could miss out on if they fail to sample/look at/test/buy your product and services. It is the active creation of creating demand and more aggressive in its overall form.

Push marketing techniques are mastered by the true masters of copywriting because they “speak” to the desires and needs of the consumer. Choose the wrong words and you have lost your potential buyer in a flash. Having said this, many push marketing companies don’t care much for lost leads, their secret lies in numbers – the more, the merrier.

They simply buy large consumer lists of potential buyers and then let fly.

It is furthermore quite common that products are being marketed by middle men, also called wholesalers. In this scenario the middle man has nothing to do with the actual company – he acts and trades as an individual. The wholesaler’s job is to market the company’s wares to consumers in return for a commission.

When you take this into the context of the Internet you see it being done across many platforms. Just to name a few, look at eBay, affiliate marketing, ringtone marketing and online trade shows.

SMS marketing has really given push marketing a new face, and has therefore become quite popular in recent years.

Pull Marketing: Pull marketing on the other hand focuses on building consumer demand first. It incorporates content-driven branding that attracts buyers like bees to honey.

Your consumers tell you what they want and you cater to their needs and wants with targeted content.

The attraction of pull marketing is huge in the age of social media marketing and search engine marketing. Both are of the essence if you attempt to build a large following online. Ultimately it will lead to trust and sales.

Search engine marketing is by far the most cost-effective way to generate targeted leads for any business. You will see why and how by reading the rest of this short guide.

Good quality content is the driving force behind modern pull marketing strategies. It is essential for the trust-building part of pull marketing. Your website is like the entry to your home. It invites or repels visitors when they first visit. Your aim is to invite them in for a closer look, and you can accomplish this by publishing quality content.

Pull marketing is definitely showing to be the bigger trend in today’s marketing arena, simply for the sheer size of the growing Internet. Both strategies are in my eyes a must-need-to-explore for any business. It would be hard to disregard any of the above on hearsay because every business is different. You need to truly evaluate and learn to understand how each of these marketing strategies can help you attract more buyers.

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