Living Room Furniture Tips for Small Spaces

A living room is often the most used room in any home. People congregate in living rooms in order to accomplish many different tasks such as watching television, working and interacting with their fellow family members. In order for a living room to function effectively, it is important to pay careful attention to the use and placement of furniture in the room. This is particularly true in smaller living rooms.

A smaller living room will require much thought in order to decorate well. Living room furniture ideas are often easy to find. Many magazines, home design firms and stores offer ideas up to public consumption. The trick is to find the kind of arrangement that works for any given homeowner. All living rooms differ. Differences not only include size but the amount of light that gets into the room and the view from the room. Before purchasing or placing any furniture in the room, the homeowner should look closely at the room.


small living room




The owner should take careful note of features such as where the windows are and the kind of flooring that has been used there. Most living rooms, even smaller living rooms, have a natural focal point somewhere. This is typically in the middle of the room or at a point slightly above the areas where people congregate. The homeowner should aim to arrange their furniture around this focal point if possible. A small space is one where every single aspect needs to be carefully thought out in order to avoid clutter and the feeling of being closed in. In that case, the homeowner should aim for furniture that is appropriately sized. Items that are too large can easily overwhelm the space and make it hard to move around there.


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The owner should also pay attention to details such as color and accessories. In many cases, painting the space white or a similar light color will make the room feel more spacious. A homeowner may also decide to paint the room a darker color in order to help emphasize the room’s feeling of coziness. Accessories are also very important in this space. If possible, the homeowner should pick out and use a few small items with great impact rather than many larger ones. A carefully chosen series of brightly colored pillows or wall hangings can help make the room feel unified rather than cluttered. If possible, the homeowner should aim to use only two or three colors in the space. This helps the room feel welcoming and inviting. Small living room spaces can easily serve anyone’s needs. The trick to making this happen is the use of thoughtful design details and very intelligent and artful advanced planning.