How To Shop for Groceries on the Cheap

Groceries can be expensive, especially if you are feeding a big family. However, since these are items that you will need to buy every week, it is important to find the best prices as often as you can. When you are looking for cheap groceries, here are a few ways you can get bargains and still get everything you need.


Shop Seasonally

The easiest way to get fresh fruits and vegetables at rock bottom prices is to shop seasonally. That means you will want to head to the local farmer’s market each summer to enjoy the wide variety of produce your local farmers offer. In the winter, the cheapest produce will be those that are currently in season, even if the produce is from other parts of the world.


Pay Attention to Weekly Sales

A great way to get food cheaper without putting in too much effort is to pay close attention to weekly sales at your local grocery store. If you can plan your meals ahead of time, you will find it is easier to know what items you should stock up on when they are on sale. This is also the best way to find out what cuts of meat and what produce are on sale for that particular week. Get cheaper groceries!


Use Coupons

While you may not want to deal with the hassle of coupons, they can save you money if you are strategic about your purchases. You don’t have to turn into an extreme couponer to get a good deal, but you should only use coupons for items that you already buy. You’re not saving money if you buy something just to use the coupon.


Purchase Store Brands

When you shop, you may often see the name brands you know on the shelf next to the store’s brand. While you may be loyal to a specific brand, switching to the store brand can save you a few cents per serving, which can really add up over the course of a year. In terms of quality, store brand foods are made the same way as your favorite name brands. Sometimes they are actually produced by those companies as well.


Shop for Groceries Online

Another great way to find bargains on the food you use most often is to shop for it online. There are many websites that will sell food items with a longer shelf life, such as condiments, cereals and pastas by the case. While you may pay more upfront for some of these items, you will be paying a lot less per serving that if you bought it by the box at your local grocery store.

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