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10 Most Romantic Venues For Indoor Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Singapore


A pre-wedding photoshoot is often done outdoor, and there are many beautiful outdoor venues to take pictures in Singapore. But if you want something a little bit different, try capturing the romantic moments indoors for a change. Check out the 10 most romantic venues in Singapore for your pre-wedding photos:1

  1. National Gallery of Singapore Housing a large collection of art sourced from Southeast Asia, the former City Hall and Supreme Court has a breathtaking and modern indoor view.2
  2. Victoria Concert Hall A historical venue that once birthed PAP and treated bomb victims during WWII, the elegant concert hall has a stunning white façade with lovely backdrops found indoor.3
  3. Crowne Plaza The interior at Crowne Plaza near Changi Airport features a futuristic and artistic design which would make for interesting pre-wedding photos, especially the quirky walls and tiles.4
  4. Istana Woodneuk The run-down building still possesses its own charm due to its historic past. If you prefer some elements of mystery and elegance in your photos, this is the place to go. The grand staircase is favored by brides and grooms to be.5
  5. Gardens by the Bay Another venue for those who’d like a futuristic and artistic touch to their pre-wedding photos is the Gardens by the Bay. Strike a pose as you stand at the mountain walkways inside the majestic-looking Forest Dome.6
  6. CAN Café Retro and vintage lovers who want to add a touch of old-school charm can have their pre-wedding photos taken at this cosy and quirky little café, which has plenty of old knick-knacks that serve as great backdrops.7
  7. Singapore Youth Flying Club Those who want something out of ordinary could have their photos taken inside the Singapore Youth Flying Club. The Cessna Diamond Star DA40 aircraft will serve as your photo’s backdrop.8
  8. National Museum of Singapore For a Victoria and colonial design as your backdrop, head on to the republic’s National Museum. Please note that a photography fee will be charged.9
  9. Chijmes The breathtaking monument used to be a Catholic convent school. Currently a place to dine and shop, Chijmes maintains a European interior.10
  10. Wheeler’s Yard Another vintage café with a charming old-school setting, Wheeler’s Yard has a cool industrial setting going on, with plenty of bikes and other things adorning the walls. Perfect for cycling enthusiasts.

The best venue for you is the place that suits your preferences and the mood you want to create in your photos. Our advice will be to book an indoor wedding photoshoot in Singapore in advance, to assure that your preferred venue is still available.. Pre-wedding photo packages vary depending on your needs and budget, but they all capture the loveliest moments between you and your partner.

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