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Choosing Your Dedicated Server: These Should Be Your 2 Most Important Criterias


Once you have decided to make the leap into the world of the dedicated server, you have many decisions that you need to incorporate into your process. Here are some of the most important things that you need to consider when you are choosing your dedicated server for the next few years.

Where is your dedicated server located?

Although you need to have a server that is centrally located enough to maximize its data speed, you do not necessarily need a dedicated server that is in the physical center of data traffic for this to occur. The reason that you want to stay out of the middle of the data traffic world is the same reasoning that would keep you away from the 101 Los Angeles freeway during rush hour. There are plenty of ways to get where you are going, and you can get there at any point in time during the day. Choosing to travel during the time in which most of the people are traveling will only slow down your process.


One of the best ways to ensure that you have the best service is to get a dedicated server in a remote place that has direct access to an Internet backbone. This is one of the reasons that dedicated servers in Malaysia have performed so well for many companies around the world. They are not in the center of web traffic like server hubs in New York or Los Angeles; however, they are just as fast as any of these hubs because of their proximity to an Internet backbone.

What is the security of the dedicated server that you are choosing?

There are two types of security that you need to incorporate into your program – physical and digital. The first type of security, physical security, is definitely the easier of the two to figure out. The physical security that a location implements can be tracked very easily. If it is not working, it is simple to upgrade – invest in more people and better cameras.


Digital security is a bit more difficult to determine. However, it is not impossible to discern a good dedicated server from a bad dedicated server. You should go over the logs of any dedicated server host that you are considering for your website. Check for abrasions in the data stream or data leaks that would open a back or a side door to hackers. The records that dedicated servers must keep will tell everything that you need to know about those companies if you simply take the time go through them. Most people do not, and this is why even dedicated servers are not an appropriate protection for the company that does not take an active participation in its own protection.

There are many other considerations that you should understand before you commit to a dedicated server; however, the above two criteria are definitely the most important. Make sure that you keep your ear to the streets so that you can keep up with the latest technological advances in the market for dedicated servers.


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Top Reasons Your Small Business Should Consider Virtual Private Server Hosting

One of the newest and most effective forms of online hosting is known as a virtual private server, or VPS. These virtualized servers are actually abstracted from the underlying hardware instead of being tied to a single system. Virtual servers have many benefits that cannot be found in some other forms of hosting. You should consider a VPS for your small business for several reasons.


Freedom to Customise the Server

One of the main benefits of a virtual private server is that you have the freedom to customise the setup. You can customise the operating system and all the settings to support your website, e-commerce platform or server-side applications. This is possible because your virtual server is an independent partition that is treated much like a standalone system. Customisation gives your business more options.



Customised your servers depend on your company needs.


Scale Your Server Whenever Necessary

Your business is going to get larger as your sales increase. This means you might need to expand your website or online capabilities. You might need more storage to handle larger databases or more bandwidth to compensate for increased traffic. A VPS allows you to scale up whenever necessary. You can do this because the virtualization mechanism allows resources to be added from a pool of underlying hardware. You can scale up as much as you need over time.





No Problems with Resource Allocation

Something you have to be concerned about other types of shared server hosting is resource allocation. Dozens of websites all vying for a limited amount of resources on a single server can cause serious problems. Your website could experience performance issues that drive away visitors or negatively affect productivity. Virtual private servers have dedicated resources that other accounts in the data centre cannot touch. This allows for better performance and reliability.



Strong and reliable isolated server from others.


Isolated and Secure Server Hosting

If you are concerned about security, then a virtual private server is the right choice for your small business. The server exists in a virtual partition that is isolated from other servers hosted by the provider. The individual partition is managed by a piece of software called a hypervisor. The other servers and accounts in the data centre are completely unaware of your virtual server. This removes the risk of problems from other customers of the hosting provider.


Fault Tolerance

A major reason your small business should use a virtual private server is because of fault tolerance. The way virtualization works allows your server to draw on multiple pieces of hardware instead of just a single system with limited components. If a piece of hardware fails, then virtualization makes it possible to instantly switch to another piece of hardware to compensate. Fault tolerance is important because it will provide maximum uptime and reliability.


What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?


A VPS gives your business a flexible and reliable platform for online applications, websites or e-commerce. They are far superior to conventional shared hosting options. You do not have to worry about purchasing or maintaining hardware because the server is virtualized. Your small business should always consider a virtual private server for your hosting needs.

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Steps You Should Take To Get the Best Deal Possible On a Dedicated Server

Servers that are dedicated to just your business are the most powerful and effective way to deliver services to customers or employees. You do not have to worry about the security or resource sharing problems that come with other server setups. You can take a few steps to get the best deal possible on these types of servers whether you are buying or leasing.


Know What You Do and Do Not Need

The first step is to figure out what you do and do not need in a server and hosting provider. You need to think about the minimum specifications you require for running your website or applications. This should include the basic operating system type, memory and storage space. Think ahead and determine how much you will need to grow in the next year or two. This will make it easy to look for servers and plans that have what you need without costing too much.



Always compare to get the best deal and save cost.


Always Comparison Shop for Servers

The next and most important step is to always comparison shop for a dedicated server. You can do this online. You want to do a side-by-side comparison of the different servers and plans available. Look closely at the costs and all the features or specifications. You want to look for the best deal on a server without having to sacrifice any of the options you really want. Never decide on a server without comparing at least three different options.


Ask About First-Time Discounts

The next step is to contact the company selling or leasing some of the servers that you might want. You want to directly ask if there are any discounts for first-time customers, active promotions or coupon codes available. A number of companies are very willing to give you a discount on a server if you just ask. You might also be able to negotiate if the server is part of a larger plan you will have. Sometimes you can reduce the price if you make a few concessions.



Look for provider that offer extra service or features.


Search for Providers Offering Extra Services

If you want to get the best deal possible, then you should look for a company offering extra services along with the server. This could be a free extended warranty, a service plan or some complimentary upgrade. If you are leasing the server in a data centre, then try to find a provider with free maintenance, technical support or other services. Although this will not directly reduce what you pay for the server, it will save you money over time and provide you with better value for what you do pay.


Consider a Carrier Neutral Service

Something that will ensure you get a good deal when leasing a server through a data centre is to choose a carrier neutral service. Carrier neutral means that the data centre is not under any exclusive contracts to use only one telecommunications company for Internet service. The result is that you will be able to pay less for your plan if one carrier starts to charge more than you want to pay. This protects your investment in the coming years.


Watch the Bandwidth Limitations

The last thing you want is a very low bandwidth limitation when choosing your server and hosting plan. You want to pay close attention to any bandwidth limitations that come with the service. If your bandwidth limit is too low, then you will end up paying far more every month when your server becomes popular and gets a large amount of traffic. Unlimited bandwidth for your dedicated server is best.

Dedicated machines give you flexibility and options not available in shared or virtual servers. You need to look at every aspect of your business needs and the servers available when trying to make a choice. Taking just a few steps will let you get the best deal possible on your server.


Web hosting Benefits of a Dedicated Server

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Web Hosting Comparison: vs


Web Hosting

When searching for ideal web hosting in Singapore, it is important to look at all of your options and conduct some service comparisons. There are a wealth of great choices when it comes to web hosting in this area of the world. However, certain services are geared towards particular user applications. Some companies provide better capabilities when dealing with mobile platforms while others are geared specifically towards entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is important to understand your own needs and look at the specifics when it comes to the services that each host can offer to you. With these points in mind, a comparison between Exabyte and can lead to online success. These two technological firms are market leaders throughout Asia.


Going Above and Beyond

Exabytes is a hosting company whose resources are geared towards developers who want to focus on mobility and flexibility. They offer secure and reliable cloud services. The potential for cloud services in conjunction with web hosting is made even more exciting by an incentives program. They have a hosting grant that offers clients up to $1,000 in user credits for Independent Software Vendors. This service also offers users plans using Flexi-Cloud Nodes. In most cases, the service comes with free setup and gives users a considerable number of choices for billing. These plans extend from monthly rates to quarterly and biennial charges. The nodes services comes with great offers in regards to the performance and storage capabilities for clients as well. Users receive 50GB of hard-disk space, five virtual machines, five IP addresses, and 150 GB of backup space. The clients logging onto your service will in no way be disappointed. The deal includes a data transfer rate of 5GB per hour.




Complete Accessibility is focused on more general web hosting, making their services accessible to less-seasoned developers. The packages that they offer are focused on user tools that make the design process easier. While they do offer cloud services, they are not as exhaustive or expansive as the company mentioned above. Still, this host does sweeten deals considerably for people are who are signing up for the first time. Essentially, strives to make itself a one-stop shop for web developers, offering users SSL certificates, domain names and registration, and server management options. There are a wealth of incentives that they offer when people purchase their domain name as well. This service includes five mailboxes, three pages free of charge, a free blog space, and a year of free SSL-certification hosting.


A Basic Rundown

In terms of the raw numbers, has a slight leg up on the competition. To date, they host over 1.5 million domains in nearly 200 different countries across the world. Still, Exabyte seems to stay on the technological edge when it comes to security and associated services for their users. Their services include site-lock protection and the instant backup of all data that is being used on your site. They also tailor their packages for students, entrepreneurs, ISV resellers, and personal usage. There is not a huge difference in prices when it comes to comparing the two hosts, depending on your terms of service. However, offers more regular promotional deals for its members and new clients.

There are also differences when it comes to the management tools provided for each service. Exabyte has a considerable suite of managerial tools that extend beyond customer support and site architecture. These tools include a superb control panel, consistent server management, and professional hosting migration. There may also be an edge in their packages when you consider the number of unlimited services that they offer in professional packages. These limitless resources include storage space, email accounts, and bandwidth usage.

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How CCTV Systems Provide Cost-Effective Security for Business Owners

The low-cost, range of features and 24-hour surveillance and observation of a CCTV system provides small business owners with the perfect way to address a number of security issues. The decision to install a CCTV system can be an important one, as it may allow business owners to better monitor their place of business and ensure that their property is kept safe and secure. The right system offers a cost-effective way to monitor surroundings and ensure that any unusual events are activities do not escape notice.



CCTV Equipment Offers Convenient and Effective Security

Security risks and safety issues are far more likely to develop in environments that are poorly monitored. Businesses that fail to make security a top priority may find tracking employees and visitors to be an all but impossible task. Automated recording equipment and CCTV systems that provide round the clock monitoring for all aspects of a working environment can be a very valuable asset, especially for businesses that are seeking to address issues that may have resulted in past security problems.

The Right Equipment Make Creating a More Secure Place of Business Much Easier

In addition to deterring theft, vandalism and intrusion by unauthorized parties, a CCTV system can be an essential resource for businesses seeking to monitor busy areas or identifying potential safety risks as quickly as possible. While conventional efforts such as retaining or designating a safety officer or security personal to monitor a working environment can be quite effective, CCTV equipment can allow businesses to automate the process and ensure that any unusual events can be more easily recorded. The right CCTV system is often an essential asset for the creation of a secure workplace.

Automated Systems Allow Businesses to Better Utilize Their Staff and Employees

Tasking an existing staff with the added responsibility of monitoring their environment is not always an effective solution. Larger businesses, busy working environments and employees who may already be struggling to manage their existing duties may be hard pressed to identify any safety issues or security concerns without access to the right equipment. A CCTV system able to provide complete surveillance and monitoring of a working environment can often be operated by a single individual. Easier ways to monitor a working environment can help to ensure that employees are able to work as efficiently as possible.

Customer Satisfaction


Creating A Secure Environment to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining and safe atmosphere and a secure environment is essential for businesses seeking to improve customer satisfaction. Failing to properly monitor high-traffic areas can make it impossible to address potential safety issues and concerns. Businesses that fail to provide their customers with a safe and well-monitored environment can end up missing out an any number of opportunities to ensure repeat business. CCTV systems that make it easy to observe and monitor all aspects of a workplace or environment can often make a key difference in any effort to improve customer, client or visitor safety.

The Benefits of Professional Installation

Arranging for professional installation offers an easier way to make use of a CCTV system. Selecting the right equipment, addressing any issues that may crop up during the installation process and ensuring that a system is able to be used as effectively as possible can be all but impossible for those who lack proper assistance. Professionals and services able to provide quick and easy installation for the latest range of equipment, devices and CCTV systems can provide businesses with the solution they have been seeking in their efforts to improve their working environment and ensure that employee and visitor safety remains a top priority.

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How a Fire Alarm System Works

Fire alarms are an absolutely vital component of all buildings. All houses, offices, and apartment buildings are required by law to have them. They serve as a must-have warning device in case of a fire and are a key component for keeping your family and property safe. Fire alarms have existed in one form or another for decades, but recent technology has made them more effective than ever. Today, many homes and offices have fire alarm systems that control all of the fire alarms that are located inside. Here is how a fire alarm system works.

Over the years, fire alarms have become increasingly sensitive. Modern systems can detect the smoke emitting from even the smallest of flames. They are designed to sense both smoke and heat. Fire alarms may have an ionization detector or an optical detector. The former detects smoke particles that change their ionization levels, while the latter uses light sensors. If your fire alarm has been installed in the relatively recent past, it probably has a control panel that has been mounted on a wall inside of your home or office. It is very important to know how to work this panel. If the fire alarm malfunctions, for example, the panel will let you know that something is wrong. It can also let you know if the batteries are running low on power. It is vital to check your system’s status frequently. The last thing you want is to have your system break down at the worst possible time and not detect a fire. It is also likely to have an emergency pad that you can press when needed. The control panel often require you to enter a code to use them, so keep your password somewhere safe.


Fire Alarm System




Many companies sell fire alarm systems, but only a rare few offer top quality at an affordable price. If you are looking for an alarm system company in Singapore, make sure to do research to determine the company that offers you the best value, both in terms of price and in terms of the quality of the products.


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