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Is A Folding Bike Right For You?

Folding bikes have come a long way in recent years. Although once viewed as “gimmicky”, these days you can find a wide variety of quality foldable bikes. These bikes offer quality construction and convenience. This makes them a viable choice for commuters, and recreational users.

Urban commuters find these bikes are a great way to access public transportation. You can leave your house, pedal to the train station or bus stop, fold up the bike and take it on with you. These bikes are so lightweight, and fold so compactly you can stash it in the corner of your office until the end of the day. Your car stays at home, so there is no need to pay for gas or parking. As a bonus, you get the benefit of daily exercise.

These bikes are also turning up quite often at campgrounds, and RV parks. With a folding bike, you don’t need to worry about a bulky bike rack. You can easily pack one into a camper or SUV. When you arrive at your campsite you have convenient transportation, and you can enjoy the fresh air while pedalling around the campground.
Urban dwellers who live in an apartment or condo may also appreciate the portability and small storage size of these bikes. No longer will you have to try cramming a full sized bike into an elevator, or dragging it up the stairs. Most foldable bikes even have a shoulder strap. This makes carrying them a breeze.

So, if you’re considering purchasing a conventional bicycle in the near future, maybe you should look into a folding bike first. There are many good online resources you can check out. For starters visit bike/, you’ll find they offer a nice selection. They may have just the bike to fit your needs.


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