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What You Need To Be Looking For When Choosing Your First Current Account

You want an account that is flexible, easy to manage and helpful to your financial situation. There is a misconception that all accounts are more or less the same. This is not true at all. There are significant differences between what banks are offering. You should know what to look for when opening your first account.




Introductory Bonuses and Promotions

The first thing to look for is if the bank is offering some type of introductory bonus or special promotion. These are temporary benefits that you get just for an opening an account with the bank for the first time. The bonus could be a slightly higher interest rate, some type of gift card or suspension of specific fees for the first few months. Introductory bonuses and promotions can save you money or make getting used to the account easier.


Look for the bank is offering some type of introductory bonus


Interest Rates

The rate of interest for these accounts is typically very low or nonexistent. You will still want to look to see whether one bank is offering a better rate. Even a slightly higher interest rate can make a difference if you carry a large balance for several years. Do not ignore the rate of interest for the account.


Fees and Charges

Check carefully to see what the fees and charges are for the account. You really want to see a fee schedule that lays out everything you will need to pay. There might be annual maintenance fees, transaction fees and charges for performing certain actions. If you are going to use the account in a specific way, then make sure the fees and charges are acceptable.


Lays out everything you will need to pay


Overdraft Protections

Misunderstandings or timing issues with deposits could cause you to overdraw your account. If this is a concern, then you should look for a bank offering overdraft protection. This service will allow certain charges or debits to go through even if you do not have enough money in the account. Overdraft protection usually involves a fee when activated. It can make managing your money easier in the event of an emergency.


A bank offering overdraft protection


Account Access

You want to be certain that you can access your account in the way that you want. You might want to go online in order to access your account. Online access can make things much more convenient since you can do a variety of tasks from any location. You can go to to learn more about accounts that can be managed online.



Overseas Use

A final point to consider is whether the account can be used for overseas transactions. Not all accounts can. A current account that allows for foreign transactions will make it much easier to deal with companies overseas. It also opens up new possibilities for your own small business. Try to choose an account that allows for foreign transactions whenever possible.

The account that you choose will have an impact on your finances. The wrong account could leave you frustrated and fighting against the bank on a daily basis. You should take the time to look at everything in order to find the best account and bank for your needs.

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Overview: Maybank Visa infinite Credit Card

Maybank offers Malaysian citizens the opportunity to enjoy a wealth of benefits while traveling and while living everyday life. You may want to consider applying for a Maybank credit card if you travel frequently, and you enjoy recreational activities such as playing golf and dining out. The Maybank Visa Infinite card is an option that is full of positive reasons for you to apply. Some of the benefits that this amazing card offers are as follows:


Complimentary Annual Fee

The credit card company will exempt you from the RM 800 annual fee for the first year. You can earn additional feeless years if you spend at least RM 50,000 on your card. Maybank offers this amazing opportunity so that you can enjoy the benefits of the card without having to worry about additional expenses.


Maybank Visa Infinite Card

Maybank Visa Infinite Card



Maybank Visa Infinite Card

Maybank Visa Infinite Card



You can earn TreatPoints by spending the funds on your card either locally or internationally. You can win two Treatpoints for every 1 RM that you spend in the local area, and you can win five Treatpoints for every 1 RM that you spend overseas. After you have accumulated a significant amount of TreatPOints, you can convert them into Enrich Miles or KrisFlyer Miles for traveling. Additionally, you will receive 10,000 complimentary TreatPoints upon activation of your card. TreatsPoints TreatsPoints



Golf Privileges

The Maybank Visa Infinite card is excellent for you if you appreciate golf. The card will give you complimentary green fees so that you can play golf at 14 premium Malaysian clubs. You can play an unlimited number of rounds and save up to 10 percent of green fees for any guests that you bring with you. Additionally, you can play up to 20 rounds per month at overseas golf clubs.


Maybank Golf Privileges

Maybank Golf Privileges



Special Dining Privileges

The Maybank Visa Infinite card gives you discounts for meals at participating Starwood hotels. You can receive a discount of up to 50 percent when you dine with one guest. You can get a 20 percent discount when you dine with four guests or more. You and your guests can enjoy a wealth of gourmet food items.


Maybank Dining Privileges

Maybank Dining Privileges –



Along with all the other benefits of the Maybank Visa Infinite credit card, you also have access to 24-hour customer service at all times. You can voice your concerns, ask questions or simply check your balance at any time during the day or night. Friendly and helpful customer service representatives will always steer you the right way.

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