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Is Optometry Right for You? 5 Key Areas You Need to Fulfill First to Increase Your Chances!

Formally known as ophthalmic optic opticians, optometrists can make a big difference in a person’s life. An optometrist is a licensed vision care specialist who examines the eyes, checks the eyes for any disorders, and analyzes eye conditions. If you’d like to pursue a course or start a career in optometry someday, below are some essential requirements you’ll need to fulfill first to get started.

#1 Bachelor’s Degree

You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited undergraduate college first if you dream pursuing a career in optometry and visual science. The most in high-demand bachelor degrees are the science-related majors in the fields of chemistry, biology, or microbiology. Some of the classes you’ll need to undergo to fulfill prerequisites to be allowed into any optometry graduate program include algebra, calculus, biology, chemistry and more.

You’ll also need to fulfill some general academic essentials of a four-year undergraduate degree, which include classes in humanities and English. All the same, before you enroll in any optometry graduate program, an admission advisor will guide you and help you pick the right classes so that all your studies go smoothly.

#2 Application to Optometry School

Next, you’ll need to apply to an optometry graduate program. Most schools usually prefer scholars with a high-grade point average. Also be prepared to take the Optometry Admission Test (OAT). Your test scores will determine whether or not you should be considered to join an optometry program.

#3 Complete Optometry Graduate Program and Residency

After you’ve finally joined a graduate program, be ready to spend the next four years learning everything about optometry. Your last year of study may be a residency program, though you can select an extra year of residency to learn a particular area of optometry.

#4 Considerations on Becoming an Optometrist

Expect to undergo eight years of study to begin a career in optometry. Many times, housing and financial aid are provided for low-income students, and you should always check whether you qualify for scholarships.

In other words, to become a professional optometrist, a lot of dedication and commitment is crucial for everyone. Nevertheless, optometry is a high-paying career and very high in demand everywhere around the world.

#5 Stay on Top of Current Trends                 

Besides all the continuous learning, there are always fresh ideas, new policies and research findings that frequently emerge in the world of optometry. Thus, it’s your duty to keep such skills and knowledge up-to-date by earning a variety of CET (continuing education and training) points each year. You can easily acquire these points by frequently reading papers, socializing with other like-minded people, and attending presentations and workshops.

Personality-wise, you should be an individual who is very precise in detail and well organized. You should be someone who gathers and keeps accurate, up-to-date data all the time. And since you’ll be meeting new people from different backgrounds every day, you should be a good communicator who can join people with conflicting ideas together.

You should also be a good listener, a person who cares about what other people are trying to pull together. Above all else, you should be interested in everything regarding visual and eye health!

Within the optometry field, there are all kinds of opportunities and roles to be explored. You can choose to work with the general public and carry out eye examinations as a street optometrist. You can opt to treat specific eye disorders in a hospital or clinic, or even choose to do extensive research in a laboratory or university. The opportunities are limitless!

Wondering whether pursuing a career in optometry and visual science is the right path for you? This handy guide provides you with everything you need to help you decide wheter or not you’re an ideal candidate in optometry and visual science.

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3 Ways to Become an Engineer in Malaysia

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Just like in any country, you have to obtain a degree in Engineering to be a professional Engineer in Malaysia. However, you have to be a registered graduate engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

But what if you are already a practicing Engineer from another country who wants to make a living in Malaysia? It is worth noting that there are three routes to becoming an engineer in the country, as per the board.

  1. Professional Assessment Examination (PAE)

BEM may approve your application for PAE given that you fulfilled the requirements of Regulation 22 of the Registration of Engineers Regulations 1990 (Amendment 2003). You shall submit your application along with the prescribed fee amounting to RM200. Once you qualified for the exam, you have to secure two copies of a typewritten report indicating your training and experience as well as a single copy of your working drawings.

  1. Corporate Member of Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)

This is for those who obtained three years of practical experience as specified in the Regulation 22. Two years should be dedicated to general training in professional development while the remaining year focuses on exposure to different managerial and technical skills in the engineering practice.

  1. Route for a Professional Engineer from an Overseas Regulatory Body

If you are an Engineer from another country and you would like to work in Malaysia, you do not need to take the PAE or become a corporate member of IEM. Aside from complying with the requirements set by the board, you also have certified latest Professional Engineer Certificate, coming from the Regulatory Body of another country.

Finding an engineer vacancy in Malaysia is now easier than ever, thanks to job hunting websites. All you have to do is browse the Internet, get the details about your prospect job, and contact the employer. Finally, make sure to bookmark the website of BEM to get the latest updates about engineering practices in Malaysia.

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5 Good Reasons Why You Should Get A Juicer Right Now

Malaysia is a tropical country, so the heat and humidity are often way above what’s considered normal. For this reason alone, you need to drink a lot of fluids to keep your body hydrated. One way to do that is to get a reliable juicer which you can use to make various juice recipes and smoothies. Below are some of the reasons why getting a juicer is an excellent idea:


  1. It enables you to make natural juice which is much healthier than processed juice

This is the biggest benefit of using a juicer. You have complete control of what goes into the device. You have the option of using only raw ingredients. The problem with processed juice products these days is that they often contain a lot of sugar and artificial preservatives. You don’t have to deal with this issue if you make your own juice using all-natural ingredients.


  1. It aids nutrient absorption

It’s a well-proven fact that your digestive system has less work to do on juice and smoothies. It’s much easier for the intestines to absorb the nutrients present in the fruits and vegetables that you blended using the juicer. Some studies show that the body’s internal system takes about fifteen minutes to benefit from juice extracts. Compare that to the nearly three hours that it takes for solid foods. In short, the juicer helps you in getting the vitamins and nutrients you need on a daily basis.


  1. It encourages healthy eating habits

We all have our favorites when it comes to fruits and vegetables. We tend to avoid those with tastes we don’t like. However, with a juicer, you can experiment with recipes that allow you to mix fruits with other fruits that you don’t like. Do this often and sooner or later; you will start liking the fruits and vegetables that you used to avoid eating.


  1. It saves you a lot of money

If you are someone who drinks processed or packaged juices on a daily basis, the expense you accumulate can be astronomical. You can save a lot of your money if you make your own juices and smoothies. Always keep in mind that you only need raw ingredients like fruits and vegetables. If you have a medium-sized juicer, you can make several glasses with just a few pieces of ingredients. You can store the extra glasses in the refrigerator as your supply for the next day or two.


  1. It helps you lose extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight

Here’s what you need to understand about a glass of juice made from raw ingredients: it’s packed with nutrients, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. These help in providing you your needs in a day so that you don’t have to eat too much. Natural juice and smoothies also help in curtailing your hunger. Since your body is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs, you will crave less for food. In the long run, this will help you lose weight. This is why a lot of weight-loss programs these days often include juicing.


Juicers are very common appliances so they are not that difficult to find in Malaysia. They are usually available in department stores or appliance stores. If you can’t find the model or brand you are looking for in a department store, you can always search for the item online. It’s highly recommended that you get one that has a capacity of at least half a liter. This way, you can make several glasses of fresh juice or smoothies with just one spin on the juicer.


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6 Essentials to Become an Efficient and Successful Administrative Assistant

It takes a lot to run a company. That’s why companies have several departments that handle different functions for optimal returns and performance.


While these different departments all have varying functions and duties, they still need to work together to support one another. It’s the administrative body’s objective to guarantee this company-wide synergy. This sector of the enterprise is commonly headed by a senior executive assistant who answers directly to the senior executives of the company to provide reports on company performance and oversee operations on lower levels.

Beautiful Secretary

But before you can become a successful senior executive assistant, first you have to become an administrative assistant. Wondering what you can do to start your career journey on the admin path? Read on to find out the essential skills and traits of successful administrative assistants:

  1. In Sync With Technology – You probably used your computer a few times to look for admin clerk vacancies online. But did you know that a lot of the admin assistant functions you will perform in the office require much more tech skill than just that? Special software and applications are commonly and frequently used to create presentations, keep tabs on operations, and monitor progress to generate an idea of where the company stands. Another plus for some employers is an admin assistant who can navigate social media platforms with ease, as smaller businesses tend to delegate social media marketing to their admin assistant.
  2. Understands Numbers – Because admin assistants have access to all of the company’s information, it’s also possible that they might be able to spot where funds are being unnecessarily funneled. Employers will always be happy to have an admin assistant who can help them cut back on overhead expenses, so be sure to develop your math skills and keep your eyes open for lost value.
  3. Multitasks Easily – Encoding, filing, distributing mail, record keeping, and other clerical responsibilities all make up the admin assistant’s daily duties. Often, these tasks need to be performed every day, so it helps to be an admin assistant who can easily and quickly get all of these different functions done without errors.admin-clerk-does-not-have-thousand-hands-but-they-acquire-multitasks-skill
  4. Articulate and Personable – Admin assistants are the first person in the company that come in contact with clients, customers, or merchants who want to partner up. That’s why it’s important that you can articulate yourself well in order to establish good relationships with key individuals for your company. Practicing your speech and articulation, as well as your interpersonal behavior, could significantly improve your company’s performance and reputation to prospects and potential partners.
  5. Informative and Organized – Admin assistants answer to a lot of superiors, mostly because they’re the go-to-personnel for anyone who wants to get information on the different departments within the company. They’re also often called in for presentations so executives and other higher-ups can get an idea of the current company status. Staying organized with your information and being able to provide all the details in easy to understand and concise reports will leave a positive impression on your superiors.informative-and-organized-is-required-skill-to-every-admin-clerk
  6. Reliable and Trustworthy – For as much information as administrative assistants handle, there will always be confidential and private details that can only be shared with specific people in the company. Being able to secure documents and keep information guarded for the benefit of the different workers in the organization will create a safe environment for both employers and employees.

Administrative assistants are the foot soldiers of an admin department. They make sure their company is well-oiled and working at peak performance. Are you an effective admin assistant? Achieve success and move up the ladder by living out these 6 essential qualities of an ideal admin assistant.

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What You Need To Be Looking For When Choosing Your First Current Account

You want an account that is flexible, easy to manage and helpful to your financial situation. There is a misconception that all accounts are more or less the same. This is not true at all. There are significant differences between what banks are offering. You should know what to look for when opening your first account.




Introductory Bonuses and Promotions

The first thing to look for is if the bank is offering some type of introductory bonus or special promotion. These are temporary benefits that you get just for an opening an account with the bank for the first time. The bonus could be a slightly higher interest rate, some type of gift card or suspension of specific fees for the first few months. Introductory bonuses and promotions can save you money or make getting used to the account easier.


Look for the bank is offering some type of introductory bonus


Interest Rates

The rate of interest for these accounts is typically very low or nonexistent. You will still want to look to see whether one bank is offering a better rate. Even a slightly higher interest rate can make a difference if you carry a large balance for several years. Do not ignore the rate of interest for the account.


Fees and Charges

Check carefully to see what the fees and charges are for the account. You really want to see a fee schedule that lays out everything you will need to pay. There might be annual maintenance fees, transaction fees and charges for performing certain actions. If you are going to use the account in a specific way, then make sure the fees and charges are acceptable.


Lays out everything you will need to pay


Overdraft Protections

Misunderstandings or timing issues with deposits could cause you to overdraw your account. If this is a concern, then you should look for a bank offering overdraft protection. This service will allow certain charges or debits to go through even if you do not have enough money in the account. Overdraft protection usually involves a fee when activated. It can make managing your money easier in the event of an emergency.


A bank offering overdraft protection


Account Access

You want to be certain that you can access your account in the way that you want. You might want to go online in order to access your account. Online access can make things much more convenient since you can do a variety of tasks from any location. You can go to to learn more about accounts that can be managed online.



Overseas Use

A final point to consider is whether the account can be used for overseas transactions. Not all accounts can. A current account that allows for foreign transactions will make it much easier to deal with companies overseas. It also opens up new possibilities for your own small business. Try to choose an account that allows for foreign transactions whenever possible.

The account that you choose will have an impact on your finances. The wrong account could leave you frustrated and fighting against the bank on a daily basis. You should take the time to look at everything in order to find the best account and bank for your needs.

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5 Tips To Studying For The SAT

Without a doubt, when you want to do well in school and get into the best university, you will want to take the SAT. To get the best score, you can’t simply walk in unprepared and knock out the test. No, you will need to prepare for it and take your time to study. With this in mind, here are five tips to get the highest SAT score you can get.

Use flash cards: IF you can study here and there, you can help your cause greatly. Think about it, if you are on the metro or waiting for a bus, you have time to study. Instead of looking at your phone, you should whip out some flashcards and start to study words. With flash cards, you can knock out an extra 30 minutes a day, all with little effort. So, remember, when you are wasting time on your phone or watching television, you could, instead, use flash cards and learn more.

Find a good test site: If you want to take the test, you need to find a place close to your house. When finding ideal test locations in Singapore, you can easily get to it and not worry or stress over your drive or ride to the test taking location. Then, when you arrive, you are going to have plenty of energy as you won’t be worried about the entire process. To avoid any issues, you should do a dry run and head to the test centre before you take the test. That way, you won’t get lost on the way, which would obviously cause you a serious amount of stress.

Find a friend: Sadly, a lot of us now study alone and don’t every branch out into groups. This is a mistake that causes a lot of problems as people will have a harder time learning if they don’t work with a close friend. With a study buddy or two, you can learn the materials and help your buddy. Think about what you want out of the experience, and you can figure out the best course of action with regards to your studying.

Get enough sleep before the test and when you study: All-too-often, a young person will think that they can drink coffee and stay up for two or three days straight. While this may work in the short run, it’s hard to function without enough sleep. When you don’t sleep enough, you are going to have a hard time remembering the information you just studied. Not only that, without sleep, you will not do well in the test as you are bound to make serious mistakes when you don’t have enough sleep. So, remember, don’t stay up till five in the morning just to study the material. Instead, get in a good session of studying every day, then relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Talk to people who took the test: Finally, if you want to do well on any test, you should take to people who took it. Yes, by sitting down and brainstorming with them, you can figure out what is going to be on the test. Otherwise, if you skip this step, you will struggle to figure out the best course of action as you won’t know what to expect or how to prepare for this big and important test.

If you want to take the SAT, make sure you follow these five simple tips. When doing so, you can get a high score and get into the university of your choice. If not, you will struggle to find the right school to attend.

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