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Go Scuba Dive From The World’s Only Dive Rig in Sabah, Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful, exotic country in Southeast Asia, and it is one of the most popular vacation resorts in the world. Malaysia’s coast runs along the South China Sea. It shares land boundaries with Brunei, Indonesia, and Thailand, and it also shares water boundaries with the Philippines, Vietnam, and Singapore. Malaysia’s coastline runs along the South China Sea.

While most travel agencies will recommend Malaysia as an excellent vacation destination because of its exotic culture, wonderful weather, friendly people, and first-class hotels, many seasoned divers also recognize it as one of the best places to go for a scuba diving vacation.


Visit A Dive Rig In Sabah, Malaysia

Classified as a PADI 5 Star resort, the Seaventures Dive Rig is reckoned by many resort review websites to be among the best in the world. TripAdvisor, for instance, an authority site on all things related to travel has ranked it as the top resort in Malaysia. The Seaventures Dive Rig is located 26 km south of Semporna, a seaport in Sabah, Malaysia.





SeaVentures is a ship that has been converted into a dive station. The ship has facilities, training, and gear for all types of scuba divers—those just beginning to explore the wonders beneath the sea and those who have been doing it for years all over the world. High quality rental gear and dive boats are available.

While it helps to have diving experience before arriving in Sabah, it is not necessary. A team of professional divers is on hand to help those who want to take a dive course. Visitors can get a PADI diving license on the rig itself and learn from scratch in one of the most beautiful seas in the world. There are a variety of classes available for different levels of experience.

SeaVentures top priority has always been safety, and they may very well have the best safety record in the world.

The ship in Sabah has an elevator that lowers divers directly into the sea and brings them up again after their dive. Divers can stay onboard, enjoying comfortable rooms and gourmet dining.

Scuba Diving Malaysia – Seaventures Dive Resort



Access Some of the World’s Best Sites

When planning a scuba diving vacation in Malaysia, divers are advised to check out Seaventures Rig Dive because it is close to the top sites in the world for rig diving, including sites like Pulau Sipadan, Pulau Mabul, and Pulau Kapalai.


Mabul Island



At Pulau Sipadan, scuba divers can enjoy the beautiful reefs and wall dives that plunge to almost 2,000 feet. Divers have described the marine life as truly exotic and the coral reefs as breathtakingly beautiful. At Pulau Mabul, scuba divers can swim among some of the most exquisite and unusual sea animals on the planet. For instance, some divers have spotted the frogfish, and this is also the home of the blue ringed octopus.

Finally, at Pulau Kapalai, scuba divers can swim along an artificial reef with scorpion leaf fish and ghost pipefish. Additionally, at the Seaventures House Reef, scuba divers can swim along sunken ships and bungalow reefs.





Enjoy the Vacation of a Lifetime

Malaysian scuba diving trips can offer divers the time of their lives as they explore some of the most variegated and spectacular marine life in the coral triangle. One of the best places to visit in Malaysia for scuba diving is the dive rig in Sabah.

Bonus Tips: The Possible Health Risks Posed To Frequent Scuba Divers

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Why Folding Bikes Have Become So Popular

Folding bikes are becoming more popular with cyclists everywhere. In addition to the classic benefits of bicycles, including financial savings, reduced environmental impact and better health, folding bikes have a number of special advantages. For example, easier storage is one of the biggest upsides to folding bicycles. Today’s folding bikes are also more comparable to conventional ones with a comfortable ride and plenty of durability. Below are more reasons why folding bikes have become so popular.


Convenient to Use Regularly

Bicycles offer cheap transportation and are an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, but problems with conventional bikes can discourage use for some people. For example, difficulty with transport and ease of theft cause some people to avoid bikes in larger cities. Folding bikes eliminate both of these issues, encouraging owners to take their bike with them everywhere. It’s simple to take folding bikes to work or on recreational rides with less worry about bringing bikes in the car, on the bus or into the office. As a result, bicycle fans may find themselves fitter and wealthier after buying a folding bike.


Folding Bike Parks Inside Office

Folding Bike Parks Inside Office



Easier to Transport and Stow

Compared to conventional bicycles, folding bikes take up far less room during transport or storage. A lack of space indoors can force owners of conventional bikes to keep their ride outside, where bikes are at risk of damage and theft. Regular bikes also require a rack for transport on smaller vehicles and are more cumbersome on buses and trains. With folding bikes, owners can use a closet or corner in the home for storage. Folding bikes are also easy to store in a car’s trunk and can be held next to a seat on public transportation. Finally, their light weight makes carrying a breeze.


Folding Bike Easy Carrying Inside of Car Trunk

Folding Bike Easy Carrying Inside of Car Trunk



Different Sizes to Suit Riders

Folding bikes are now available in an array of sizes for riders of all heights and weights. In addition, their foldability can vary considerably, making them appropriate for many different uses. Leisurely rides in the countryside are easy with bikes that fold down for bringing on a train or vehicle. For users riding between locations throughout the workday, ultra-compact folding bikes can be ideal.


Folding Bike Easy Bringing On A Train

Folding Bike Easy Bringing On A Train



Lower Risk of Theft

As bicycles have become more popular in urban centers, bike theft has also become more common. Although heavy-duty bike locks help deter theft, experienced thieves can foil virtually any lock in minutes if the opportunity arises. Although folding bikes may cost more, they’re also less likely to be stolen because they don’t have to be left outside. Instead, owners can take a folding bike indoors at the store, school or home and have peace of mind about their investment.

Folding bikes are becoming more popular for the reasons above as well as the other benefits normally associated with bikes, such as affordability and environmental friendliness. In addition, folding bikes hold their value and can be resold easily if properly maintained. Because it can be difficult to find the perfect folding bike at a local shop, many consumers buy it at online bicycle shops.


Visit For More Trending Folding Bikes Selections

Visit For More Trending Folding Bikes Selections


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Tips On Catching A Taxi In Singapore

Travel should always be fun and enjoyable no matter if it is for business or pleasure. Nothing can start off the mood for a trip to Singapore quicker than the taxi ride from the airport to your hotel or business meeting. It can get even more complicated if you are traveling in a group such as with your family or a business team. This is one reason that you should consider getting a maxicab in Singapore.

All taxis in Singapore are metered. If you get into a taxi that is not metered, that you have not called ahead for, then you should not get in the cab. Cab drivers are not supposed to haggle the price of a ride with you.


Another concern when traveling by taxi in Singapore is getting a cab driver that does not know the city. This does happen more often than people expect. It can be a bad experience in you do not have knowledge on how to get to where you are going and neither does your cab driver.

The best way to avoid having a bad experience in Singapore is to schedule a maxicab. Maxicab booking in Singapore is easy and you will know the amount your cab ride is going to cost before you ever step foot in the cab.

Maxicab rates are posted and you can find out this information when calling or booking your cab online. The prices are very reasonable when you consider that you will not have to worry about the meter or trying to get your whole group from point A to point B.

For one of the more reasonable priced companies in Singapore you should look at for your travel needs. They give you information not only on maxicab booking in Singapore but also on maxicab fees.

Maxi-cab Singapore online booking website

Maxi-cab Singapore online booking website also provides you with information on maxicabs in general and which vehicles would be the most beneficial for your traveling party. They are a private service so they take you more places than a regular taxi would. This also means you can not hail down a maxicab and that you must book one in advance.

So if you are traveling to Singapore, then you should consider taking a maxicab as you mode of transportation in the city. It is convenient. You will never have to haggle price. And you know that your ride will be there when you schedule them.

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