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Tips On Catching A Taxi In Singapore

Travel should always be fun and enjoyable no matter if it is for business or pleasure. Nothing can start off the mood for a trip to Singapore quicker than the taxi ride from the airport to your hotel or business meeting. It can get even more complicated if you are traveling in a group such as with your family or a business team. This is one reason that you should consider getting a maxicab in Singapore.

All taxis in Singapore are metered. If you get into a taxi that is not metered, that you have not called ahead for, then you should not get in the cab. Cab drivers are not supposed to haggle the price of a ride with you.


Another concern when traveling by taxi in Singapore is getting a cab driver that does not know the city. This does happen more often than people expect. It can be a bad experience in you do not have knowledge on how to get to where you are going and neither does your cab driver.

The best way to avoid having a bad experience in Singapore is to schedule a maxicab. Maxicab booking in Singapore is easy and you will know the amount your cab ride is going to cost before you ever step foot in the cab.

Maxicab rates are posted and you can find out this information when calling or booking your cab online. The prices are very reasonable when you consider that you will not have to worry about the meter or trying to get your whole group from point A to point B.

For one of the more reasonable priced companies in Singapore you should look at for your travel needs. They give you information not only on maxicab booking in Singapore but also on maxicab fees.

Maxi-cab Singapore online booking website

Maxi-cab Singapore online booking website also provides you with information on maxicabs in general and which vehicles would be the most beneficial for your traveling party. They are a private service so they take you more places than a regular taxi would. This also means you can not hail down a maxicab and that you must book one in advance.

So if you are traveling to Singapore, then you should consider taking a maxicab as you mode of transportation in the city. It is convenient. You will never have to haggle price. And you know that your ride will be there when you schedule them.

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How to Properly Dispose of Old Furniture

It’s exciting to get a new living room suite or bedroom set, but what can be done with the old furniture?

Putting it in the landfill is not only bad for the environment, it’s also wasteful because old furniture can be re-purposed. Here are some ways to dispose of old furniture.

If the furniture is in good condition, it can be sold. Ads in newspapers are a good choice, because a local sale is convenient. Another option is to sell the furniture online. The buyer or seller can have it shipped at a reasonable price, because movers bid on jobs.

Selling is a good option because quality furniture such as Ethnicraft Online of Singapore is always in demand. Undeniably, the comfortable bedroom furniture, including platform beds, is especially desirable.

Ethnicraft Singapore Online Furniture Store Selling High Quality Wooden Furniture

Ethnicraft Singapore Online Furniture Store Selling High Quality Wooden Furniture


Furniture that’s in good condition can also be donated to charities such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Other charities that take donated furniture are the St. Vincent de Paul Society and Freecycle. Make sure the furniture isn’t stained, ripped or broken, and that it doesn’t smell. Some charities will repair furniture, though, so it’s best to ask about their policy. If the piece has only a small break or needs recovering, a charity may be willing to take it.

The Salvation Army Collecting Old Furniture

The Salvation Army Collecting Old Furniture

A friend or relative may take old furniture, especially for a son or daughter who’s in college or getting a first apartment. There may also be someone in the neighborhood who could use the furnishings. Asking around or putting up a notice on a local bulletin board can be an easy way to dispose of old furniture.

Groups such as churches, youth organizations, charitable clubs and societies that promote the arts might need furniture for their meeting rooms. Another place to donate furniture is a local theater group. Theaters always need furnishings for sets.

If old furniture appears to be unsellable, one option is to refurbish it. It’s not difficult to repaint and re-upholster furniture. There are classes available, and there are plenty of instructions online. Many people enjoy doing this so much they make it into a hobby. Refurbished furniture can then be sold, donated, or even given as a gift. Also read How To Fix 4 Most Common Wooden Furniture Problems.

Refurbished Furniture

Refurbished Furniture

Like a cat, furniture can have nine lives, and can often be useful for a while yet. The best way to dispose of old furniture is to give someone else a chance to enjoy it. 

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Is Online Grocery Shopping Really a Time Saver?

Time management is of great importance to busy individuals especially moms. High tech savvy moms know something that is more convenient and is a guaranteed real time saver in shopping for groceries. Online grocery shopping is the modern way to purchase grocery items from the store without physically being present in a traditional supermarket.

An online supermarket can really make a big difference in a busy mom’s working schedule. The services provided by these online grocery stores are amazing that the time to purchase something from the store is actually reduced by more than one half of physically having to go to there. Real time saving facts why moms and busy individual prefer considering online supermarkets for shopping grocery items such as household products:

  • Online shopping customers can avoid driving cars and waste too much time in heavy traffics and searching for an available parking lot.


  • They can avoid time consuming loading and unloading of grocery items from their car.
  • If the shopping customer doesn’t have a car then time will be wasted in searching for an empty taxi cab with a heavy grocery shopping bag to worry about.
  • Specific items according to the list made are guaranteed to be delivered on time making it more comfortable than circling the supermarket in search for all the listed items.
  • Impulse buying is avoided. Time and money can be wasted when impulse buying takes place and when situations present itself in a traditional supermarket.
  • Dragging along the kids in a supermarket can be time consuming even if the supermarket is just a 10 minute walk away from home. Hide and seek with the kids is inevitable and when a certain item catches their attention, screams will definitely fill the air until that item is purchased.
  • This online supermarkets can provide fast deliveries once the customer is a loyal patron since the address is already known and certain discounts are available to consistent and loyal shoppers.
  • Comparing the prices of each item can be time consuming. Online stores provide the customer a price list of products according to category and ordering the right product that would fit the family’s budget is quick and easy.
  • Long line at the cashier’s counter is avoided giving moms quality time attend to their kids.
  • Once an item is out of stock, the customer can readily think of the right substitute and won’t waste time thinking of other alternatives.
  • Shopping online for grocery items is a 24/7 service making online groceries a real time saver.
  • 2 or 3 hours grocery shopping at a traditional supermarket is significantly reduced to 20 to 30 minutes in an online grocery. Moms can actually spend some time with their kids and attend to their important house hold chores.

Online grocery shopping is definitely a time saver for moms and busy individuals. Grocery shopping is a must in an individual’s activity list and grocery shopping online is a quick and easy alternative to make shopping more comfortable and convenient.

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