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10 Kitchen Products Every Malaysian Household Should Have

The kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where the family hangs out together while savoring great food. With a cuisine to die for, we cannot deny the fact that Malaysians love to eat.

Indeed, Malaysia is a country of foodies. But the bigger concern here is, are we eating enough healthy food? Dr. Mohd Uzir Mahidin, the chief statistician of the Department of Statistics, revealed in 2016 that there is a growing number of Malaysians dying due to unhealthy eating habits. When you go to the countryside, you could see how many are fond of people eating out.  As we all know, dining out exposes us to tasty yet unhealthy food.

If you are the one in charge of cooking, invite your family for dinner at home. You can  make sumptuous and healthier meals by having these kitchen products at home:

  1. Fruit Infuser Bottle

Fruit-infused water has many health benefits. A combination of cucumber, lemon, and lime can control your appetite. Just mix your favorite fruits, chop them thinly, and add some water. Refrigerate it for four to six hours and you got a flavorful drink. It is way better than drinking soda. Always on the go? Buy a fruit infuser bottle that you can bring everywhere!

  1. Cast Iron Pans and Pots

Non-stick pans require less oil and that means you can enjoy healthier meals. But the old-school nonstick pans are coated with synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that can be bad for your health. For nonstick cookware without the harm, opt for cast iron pans and pots. They are extremely durable and can retain heat better than other kinds of cookware.

  1. Herb Scissors

Herb is an essential ingredient in Malaysian cuisine. Instead of using a knife when chopping herbs, use a herb scissor instead. It saves you time while keeping your herbs fresh.

  1. Blender

Skip the fruit juice from supermarkets and make your fresh smoothie from home. Combine your favorite fruits and you already got a refreshing drink in 20 seconds. Experiment by adding some yogurt or almond milk and you are good to go.

  1. Water Purifier

Reverse Osmosis water is considered as the cleanest type of water because it has been filtered so many times. Most reverse osmosis water purifiers these days kills all the bacteria from the water but also removes the natural minerals your body needs. Invest in a purifier with a Total dissolved solids (TDS) controller to retain all the essential nutrients in the water. It also improves the taste of water.

  1. Spiralizer

Planning to cook zucchini pasta or vegetable salad for dinner? A spiralizer can make your cooking easier than ever. Spiralizers can also be used in grating cheese and cranking shoestring fries out of sweet potato.

  1. Slow Cooker

Slow cooking retains the natural juices from meats and vegetables. Besides doing a fantastic job in bringing out the flavor in your food, it also uses a lot less energy compared to an oven. Slow cooking actually saves you time because it allows you to do some other things while preparing your food.

  1. Silicone Food Hugger

Keep your leftover fruits and vegetables fresh by putting them in a silicone food hugger. Invest in a 100% food grade silicone to make sure it is BPA-free.

  1. Zester

Lemon zest is a perfect addition to many seafood dishes. Let us add the fact that the lemon peel has as much as 10 times more vitamins than lemon juice itself. Use stainless steel zester to make your task simpler.

  1. Egg separator

If you want a lighter meal or dessert, separate the egg whites from the yolks. Do it like a pro with the help of an egg separator tool.

Are you ready to start your clean eating journey? Make your cooking fun, easy, and simple with the help of these kitchen products.

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Living Room Furniture Tips for Small Spaces

A living room is often the most used room in any home. People congregate in living rooms in order to accomplish many different tasks such as watching television, working and interacting with their fellow family members. In order for a living room to function effectively, it is important to pay careful attention to the use and placement of furniture in the room. This is particularly true in smaller living rooms.

A smaller living room will require much thought in order to decorate well. Living room furniture ideas are often easy to find. Many magazines, home design firms and stores offer ideas up to public consumption. The trick is to find the kind of arrangement that works for any given homeowner. All living rooms differ. Differences not only include size but the amount of light that gets into the room and the view from the room. Before purchasing or placing any furniture in the room, the homeowner should look closely at the room.


small living room




The owner should take careful note of features such as where the windows are and the kind of flooring that has been used there. Most living rooms, even smaller living rooms, have a natural focal point somewhere. This is typically in the middle of the room or at a point slightly above the areas where people congregate. The homeowner should aim to arrange their furniture around this focal point if possible. A small space is one where every single aspect needs to be carefully thought out in order to avoid clutter and the feeling of being closed in. In that case, the homeowner should aim for furniture that is appropriately sized. Items that are too large can easily overwhelm the space and make it hard to move around there.


Small living room2



The owner should also pay attention to details such as color and accessories. In many cases, painting the space white or a similar light color will make the room feel more spacious. A homeowner may also decide to paint the room a darker color in order to help emphasize the room’s feeling of coziness. Accessories are also very important in this space. If possible, the homeowner should pick out and use a few small items with great impact rather than many larger ones. A carefully chosen series of brightly colored pillows or wall hangings can help make the room feel unified rather than cluttered. If possible, the homeowner should aim to use only two or three colors in the space. This helps the room feel welcoming and inviting. Small living room spaces can easily serve anyone’s needs. The trick to making this happen is the use of thoughtful design details and very intelligent and artful advanced planning.

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4 Essential Tips for Buying Bedroom Furniture for Kids

No matter how old your child is they need furniture for their bedroom. However, many parents don’t know exactly what to buy, especially for children who are approaching their teens. While the furniture you buy has a lot to do with your home, there are some guidelines that can help keep you from spending a fortune updating your child’s furniture as they age. Use these tips from teak furniture specialist Ethnicraft Singapore to help you buy bedroom furniture for your children that will really last.




Safety First

When it comes to buying children’s furniture, the most important consideration is whether or not a piece is sturdy and safe. While buying some pieces made of solid wood or strong materials is a good idea, it may not be feasible to fill a child’s room with all solid wood pieces.

Take the time to do your research when you buy children’s furniture, especially items like cribs and beds with rails, to make sure they are safe. Read the reviews and make sure you see the real thing in person. You don’t want to buy a crib with faulty rails or a changing table that isn’t sturdy enough.


Bed for Kid



Consider Storage

Kids have a lot of toys, books and all sorts of things that they want to play with and keep in their room. In fact, many children tend to be collectors, wanting to keep everything they come in contact with. That’s why storage is so important.

Cubby-style storage is ideal for children of all ages because it can be dressed up as kids get older. For younger children, items like bench seats that can double as toy boxes are particularly useful. Built-in shelving never really goes out of style if you choose a modest finish as well.


Kid bed 2



Buy Reusable Pieces

Children grow up quickly and their tastes change just as fast. For that reason, it’s important not to buy pieces of furniture that they will outgrow if they’re too expensive. Some items like a bed, as long as they are simple designs, can fit a child between eight and 18. However, that race car bed your 10-year old loves just won’t work when they turn 16.

If you buy pieces you think you might be able to use throughout the rest of your home though, you won’t be stuck with something you paid for and can’t use when your child outgrows them.


Easy to Clean?

Children have a tendency to be messy and sticky little fingers are going to be all over everything. Ideally, you should be purchasing furniture that is easy to clean with soap and water. If you don’t, you may end up with bedroom furniture that needs to be replaced before you and your child actually need something different.


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How Mismatched Dining Chairs Became Acceptable

In the world of interior design, beautiful doesn’t have to be perfect. When it comes to dining room decor, it’s possible to have an inviting, charming room without a specific style or scheme in mind. In fact, carefully chosen mismatched chairs can be a fun, affordable choice for the dining room table.

In our parents’ and grandparents’ days, interior design often came with defined looks such as French Country or Colonial or contemporary. Each of these styles had specific “rules” about line and color and proportion. These rules provided a beautiful sense of continuity in a room that followed these “rules”. Once furniture was purchased and arranged, the homeowners often had to live with it for years. The “rules” had a downside: they were often too formal and created colder, less inviting rooms.


Country French Style Dining Table

Country French Style Dining Table


But now, modern homeowners and design lovers are bending those rules to fit their personal style and their pocketbooks. Buyers everywhere are riskier in their choices with color, proportion, continuity and arrangement. In the dining room, some are so daring as to forego the traditional dining room set for mismatched chairs around a dining room table. Today the main focus of interior design, in dining rooms, as well as every room of the house, is now about individual tastes and comfort rather than dictated style choices.


Mismatched Colorful Dining Set

Mismatched Colorful Dining Set

Are mismatched chairs for you? How do you choose dining room furniture without them looking like an afterthought? How can your dining room be a fun, elegant place to eat without looking like a bachelor pad or dorm room?

Think continuity. As long as the chairs around your table are similar either in color, proportion, line or style, then they will work well together. If all of the chairs were painted the same color or stained in the same finish, their continuity would create a neat look. Chairs with similar curves of the back or chairs with variations, say, upright Colonials, have similarities that create unity and warmth. Look at design magazines for dining rooms and notice how the mismatched chairs always have a similar element that makes them look like a set when they aren’t.


Mismatched Wooden Dining Set

Mismatched Wooden Dining Set


Consider the common element of the table. A wood dining table, one with a clean line, works well with nearly every kind of dining chair. If you must, hide the fancy Queen Anne legs with a long tablecloth or repaint the top to compliment the paint of the chairs.

Worried about it being too informal for those big holiday meals? Use your accessories, such as a fine table cloth, candles and an elegant centerpiece to bring more posh dignity to the room.



Elegant Mismatched Dining Set

Elegant Mismatched Dining Set


Remember: if you have doubts about how well chairs match your table, go with your gut.

Also remember that choosing mismatched chairs can also be an affordable alternative to reupholstering or replacing luxury dining chairs and will do in a pinch if you’re unable to replace a damaged chair right away.

Today’s eclectic styles allow you the freedom to do anything. Your flea market find could pair well with heirlooms. Your hand-me-downs, painted in a bold color, can add youthful whimsy to a room. When it comes to dining chairs, don’t be afraid to break the rules. Have fun. Remember to look for continuity. Your dining room and your home can be beautiful.

Mismatched Dining Set

Mismatched Dining Set


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The Lazy Man’s Guide on How to Clean Your House Fast!

With a busy schedule and plenty of responsibilities, it can be difficult to make cleaning a priority when so many other things are waiting calling for your attention. Although it’s important to clean the home every week or two, there are ways to do it quickly and efficiently to ensure a tidy and spotless home that doesn’t take the whole day.

Group Different Tasks
Instead of cleaning one room at a time and having to get out different cleaning solutions and tools a number of times, do each task all at once. When vacuuming or dusting, do the whole house at once for a quicker process. Make a checklist to track your progress and even delegate tasks to different family members for a group effort that takes less time.

Clean During the Week
Instead of spending time picking up clothes on the floor before vacuuming or organizing paperwork in an office before dusting, do this during the week for a tidier home that is well-kept each day (also see 4 Tips To Clean And Reduce Household Dust). Make it a habit to wipe down the kitchen and bathroom counters at the end of each day, as well as put each belonging in its place to make the cleaning process a breeze when it needs to be done once a week.

Leave the Deep Cleaning For a Different Day
It may be tempting to start a new project that requires deep cleaning while cleaning the house each week, but leave that for another day when you can schedule and plan for it. Stick to the basics when cleaning so you can get on with your day with minimal distractions.





Play Music
Play upbeat music when cleaning, which will work to keep you entertained and even make cleaning the home a little fun. Listening to music that has a fast pace will naturally allow you to have more energy and clean faster, cutting the process by one-third of the time. Keep the television off, which can be a distraction and make it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand.



Use a Robotic Floor Cleaner
By using an iRobot Scooba 390 on the floors in the home, this robotic vacuum cleaner will work to pick up the dirt and grime on the floors as the battery-operated machine preps, washes, scrubs, and squeegees the floor. It will do all of the dirty work without supervision and works on floors that haven’t been swept, killing 98 percent of bacteria and saving time. iRobot Scooba 390 uses clean water, washing up to 425 square feet of floors without replacement of the water.



Use All-Purpose Cleaner on the Whole House
Instead of switching between different type of bathroom cleaners, kitchen solutions, and countertop cleaners, use an all-purpose solution that will work on different surfaces for a quicker cleaning process with less stress and more simplicity. Find a solution that is safe to use on appliances, sinks, and even mirrors to make cleaning less complicated.

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How to Properly Dispose of Old Furniture

It’s exciting to get a new living room suite or bedroom set, but what can be done with the old furniture?

Putting it in the landfill is not only bad for the environment, it’s also wasteful because old furniture can be re-purposed. Here are some ways to dispose of old furniture.

If the furniture is in good condition, it can be sold. Ads in newspapers are a good choice, because a local sale is convenient. Another option is to sell the furniture online. The buyer or seller can have it shipped at a reasonable price, because movers bid on jobs.

Selling is a good option because quality furniture such as Ethnicraft Online of Singapore is always in demand. Undeniably, the comfortable bedroom furniture, including platform beds, is especially desirable.

Ethnicraft Singapore Online Furniture Store Selling High Quality Wooden Furniture

Ethnicraft Singapore Online Furniture Store Selling High Quality Wooden Furniture


Furniture that’s in good condition can also be donated to charities such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Other charities that take donated furniture are the St. Vincent de Paul Society and Freecycle. Make sure the furniture isn’t stained, ripped or broken, and that it doesn’t smell. Some charities will repair furniture, though, so it’s best to ask about their policy. If the piece has only a small break or needs recovering, a charity may be willing to take it.

The Salvation Army Collecting Old Furniture

The Salvation Army Collecting Old Furniture

A friend or relative may take old furniture, especially for a son or daughter who’s in college or getting a first apartment. There may also be someone in the neighborhood who could use the furnishings. Asking around or putting up a notice on a local bulletin board can be an easy way to dispose of old furniture.

Groups such as churches, youth organizations, charitable clubs and societies that promote the arts might need furniture for their meeting rooms. Another place to donate furniture is a local theater group. Theaters always need furnishings for sets.

If old furniture appears to be unsellable, one option is to refurbish it. It’s not difficult to repaint and re-upholster furniture. There are classes available, and there are plenty of instructions online. Many people enjoy doing this so much they make it into a hobby. Refurbished furniture can then be sold, donated, or even given as a gift. Also read How To Fix 4 Most Common Wooden Furniture Problems.

Refurbished Furniture

Refurbished Furniture

Like a cat, furniture can have nine lives, and can often be useful for a while yet. The best way to dispose of old furniture is to give someone else a chance to enjoy it. 

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