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Beyond Roses: Great Floral Gift Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Flowers make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her and are a very romantic gesture when given to him! When you know the significant meaning behind the specific variety and color of flowers presented as a gift, a floral gift becomes even more desirable and welcome. But if you don’t want to present the object of your affections with the traditional bouquet or box of roses, there are several other flower varieties that offer a more creative way to say “be mine” or “I love you” this Valentine’s Day.





Live Orchid 

According to 5 Fun Flower Ideas for Valentine’s Day, one of the more creative flower ideas for Valentine’s Day is to present your beloved with a live orchid plant in full bloom. Orchids are an exotic floral choice that give the message that your gift recipient is strong, beautiful and wise.




Orchid Valentines





If you are ready to declare your love with a gift of flowers, select red tulips whose symbolism is the expression of passion. Pink tulips symbolize caring and yellow tulips are the right color choice if you want to give the message that you are head over heels in love. The hardy nature of tulip blossoms also gives your gift recipient the message that your relationship will enjoy the same longevity.




Tulip Valentine





Blue irises with a touch of purple are the perfect floral Valentine’s Day gift for a relationship that is just in its early stages because this floral choice represents hope and faith in the future. The iris is also an excellent Valentine’s Day choice to include in a multi-floral bouquet.




Iris bouquet




Lilies and Hydrangeas

Other floral choices that are perfect for incorporating into Valentine’s Day bouquets rather than in solo arrangements include lilies, representing beauty, enthusiasm and celebration, as well as hydrangeas, telling the recipient you admire their grace and beauty.




Lily and hydrangea





Carnations are a fragrant floral gift choice that convey a sense of playfulness and are the perfect floral choice for a woman to gift a man, especially when the blossoms are deep pink. Or select a bouquet that is a physically striking combination of red, white and pink carnations.




Carnation Ice cream




Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are among the most popular floral gift choices because they represent good cheer, purity and feelings of being young and innocent. Unlike other daisy varieties, Gerbera Daisies have a very large blossom and showcase a variety of bright colors ranging from deep red and pink to white and yellow that rival the colors in a glorious morning sunrise.




Gerbera Daisies Bouquet




When you know the message intended behind the color and variety of flowers beyond traditional roses, it’s easy to woo your Valentine by presenting them with a creative floral bouquet or arrangement that gives just the right underlying message. Go here for more exciting and creative floral gift suggestions for Valentine’s Day giving.

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7 Unique Gift Ideas to Fit Any Lifestyle

Are you planning a wedding and need great gift ideas for the bridal party? Perhaps you just want to find a thoughtful little gift to say thank you to a great friend. Maybe you are looking for a birthday gift idea for a relative. No matter the occasion, lifestyle gifts are unique, but useful at the same time.

Practical gifts with a twist of creativity or humor – that’s what a lifestyle gift is. Remove the pressure of finding the perfect gift by finding a gift to fit any lifestyle. Here are 7 great gift ideas for any occasion:


Beautiful Handmade Soaps

These come in a variety of scents, shapes and colors. From interesting ingredients like oatmeal to coffee grounds, the right soap can be a fun and useful gift.


Beautiful Handmade Soaps

Beautiful Handmade Soaps



Creative Tea Infuser or Wine Stopper

Artsy or geeky, there are a ton of options out there. Pair your favorite find with a bag of amazing loose leaf tea or a great bottle of wine.


Creative Tea Infuser

Creative Tea Infuser



Kitchen Utensil Basket

Kitchen items are always useful, and when you find the right items to add you will have a great gift basket. An “Equal Measure” measuring cup from Fred & Friends is a perfect example, comparing standard measurements with interesting facts and numbers. Visit this lifestyle store for more creative kitchen items and buy Fred & Friends in Singapore. Add in a bottle of great smelling dish soap, or a candle, for a little extra flare.


Kitchen Utensil Basket

Kitchen Utensil Basket



Unique Mug

Mugs are a common “any occasion” gift, but finding a unique one – like the mug with a wall color swatch printed on the inside so you can check your coffee-creamer ratio – is the important factor here.




Crazy Alarm Clock

From alarms that scream at you in the morning, or move across the room, or an alarm mat you have to step on to turn off, there are a lot of great options out there for a practical, but hilarious, gift.


Grilling Kit

The creativity in this gift comes in the items you think to include. Are you going to grab a bottle of A1 or barbecue sauce? What about purchasing a handmade spice rub? Or making your own? Grilling tools, a grill lighter, and a fun pack of napkins can also be added to this kit. Pack everything in an ice bucket, instead of a traditional gift bag, and add tissue paper if you want some of the gift to be a surprise.


Door Stopper

A clever door stopper could be an unexpected gift. Pair this with a stylish rug for a great housewarming gift.

Don’t purchase gimmicky items that will be tossed out after a few months, but find the gifts that will really be enjoyed and used. Make sure you add a bit of creativity to go with your practicality. Whether you are looking for your mother-in-law or your best friend, find a gift that will really make them smile.


Door Stopper

Door Stopper


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