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5 Ways to Reduce Pet Dander in the Home

Pets are a wonderful and loving part of most families. But the dander that dogs and cats shed, a combination of hair and dead skin cells, can prove dangerous to you and other family members who suffer from allergies or asthma. But there is no reason to have to make your home a pet free space, since there are several effective ways to reduce the amount of pet dander in the home.


Minimize Contact

Keep pets out of any bedroom where a person with allergies sleeps. Only allow your pets access to rooms with wood rather than carpeted floors that are easier to keep clean of shedded dander. If you suffer from allergies, minimize your contact with pets. Always thoroughly wash your hands after any contact. Encourage pets to sit and sleep in their own beds rather than the beds, couches and upholstered furniture that you use. Frequently wash or replace any pillows, cushions and blankets that pets sleep or sit on to remove dander.


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The Right Vacuum

Invest in a vacuum cleaner that vacuums pet dander quickly and efficiently. This category of pet vacuum cleaner is usually equipped with special collection bags or a HEPA air filter to capture and contain dander easily until it can be properly disposed of. Vacuum at least once a day if your home has both pets and allergy sufferers and especially if most of your flooring is carpeted rather than bare wood. See more vacuum models here to learn more about the special category of vacuum cleaners designed specifically to reduce pet dander in the home of pet owners.






Clean Filters

Remember to replace the filter in your furnace or air conditioning unit more often than recommended by the manufacturer if you have pets in the house in order to more quickly dispose of any dander that has accumulated there. If your house has forced-air heating or cooling systems, close off the air registers in certain rooms where you spend time with your pets in order to avoid having even more dander circulating throughout the atmosphere.




This husky thinks he’s still a baby

This husky thinks he’s still a baby




Pet Grooming

Research has proven that after a dog has been bathed, the amount of dander released from the animal is reduced by as much as 85%, so it’s important to have a regular schedule for grooming your pets. Cats usually don’t tolerate bathing, but ask a family member who doesn’t suffer from allergic reactions to comb their fur on a daily basis to remove excess dander.





Thorough Cleaning

If your house is also home to any pet kept in a cage, such as birds, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs or rabbits, it’s important to clean out the cage daily to install new bedding, newspaper and other material and remove the old to eliminate the build-up of dander and feathers that can trigger an allergic reaction. In common living areas, consider installing an air purifier that is constantly working to remove even minute pet dander particles from the air that is being circulated. With just a little extra effort, allergy sufferers and pets can peacefully co-exist in any home.


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