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3 Ways to Become an Engineer in Malaysia

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Just like in any country, you have to obtain a degree in Engineering to be a professional Engineer in Malaysia. However, you have to be a registered graduate engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

But what if you are already a practicing Engineer from another country who wants to make a living in Malaysia? It is worth noting that there are three routes to becoming an engineer in the country, as per the board.

  1. Professional Assessment Examination (PAE)

BEM may approve your application for PAE given that you fulfilled the requirements of Regulation 22 of the Registration of Engineers Regulations 1990 (Amendment 2003). You shall submit your application along with the prescribed fee amounting to RM200. Once you qualified for the exam, you have to secure two copies of a typewritten report indicating your training and experience as well as a single copy of your working drawings.

  1. Corporate Member of Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)

This is for those who obtained three years of practical experience as specified in the Regulation 22. Two years should be dedicated to general training in professional development while the remaining year focuses on exposure to different managerial and technical skills in the engineering practice.

  1. Route for a Professional Engineer from an Overseas Regulatory Body

If you are an Engineer from another country and you would like to work in Malaysia, you do not need to take the PAE or become a corporate member of IEM. Aside from complying with the requirements set by the board, you also have certified latest Professional Engineer Certificate, coming from the Regulatory Body of another country.

Finding an engineer vacancy in Malaysia is now easier than ever, thanks to job hunting websites. All you have to do is browse the Internet, get the details about your prospect job, and contact the employer. Finally, make sure to bookmark the website of BEM to get the latest updates about engineering practices in Malaysia.

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4 Brilliant Tips On Finding A Fulfilling Job In Penang, Malaysia

There’s no questioning the fact that Penang, like most towns and cities, is going through a challenging job market trajectory. Many job seekers gather here and compete aggressively that HR managers and recruiters have a tough time scrutinizing a sea of applications and CVs. The very best candidates, showing a lot of potential in their applications make it through eventually. However, this job hunt gamble can become a lot easier if job seekers knew a few tricks that would make them easily find a fulfilling career.

Below are four cool tips potential job seekers hunting for work around Penang can use to find a job.


  1. Realize your dreams. You should always put your dreams into action every day. Working toward achieving your higher goals is the best thing you can do with your life. A busy job which you’re not proud of will only kill your dreams. Instead educate yourself more, get a better job, and eventually begin changing the world. The moment you realize your dreams, it’s the high moment you’ll starting hunting for a great career sure to fulfill your goals.
  1.     Fulfill your current job. The job you have right now is the best place to start growing your career. Especially if you’re looking to be hired in a higher position within the same company, make sure you’re fully responsible. Talk to your supervisor about stuff sure to bring a big change, suggest improvements, and work together with colleagues in a harmonious way. In short, if you prove yourself to be a valued employee, the more likely you’ll find yourself climbing higher-paying ranks within your organization.


  1. Get on LinkedIn. Set your location to Penang and make sure it’s updated with your job hunting materials, your role, and detailed responsibilities. At the same time, start adding potential recruiters in your field based in Penang to your LinkedIn page. This way, you’ll be creating an expansive network in which recruiters will be using to air about amazing opportunities emerging around your area. Also don’t be afraid to approach them via message about an attractive deal you’re sure you can do with much expertise and resilience.
  1. And finally, set up interviews for your arrival. If a potential employer or recruiter contacts you, have them schedule interviews for jobs you’re sure you can handle well. You can also try arranging for an interview yourself. This will show your about-to-be “boss” that you’re interested, and so trust you in meeting all the demands that come with that particular job.


Being unemployed and hunting for work all the time is a frustrating and daunting experience for most job seekers. You must be self-motivated and courageous to make it through all the drama you’re going in life. There are many job vacancies in Penang waiting to be filled by the best candidates that are competent and with great potential. All you need to seize this attractive opportunity is to follow the handy tips shared in this guide to nail that wonderful career of your dreams.

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Why Work in Human Resources? Here are 6 Rewarding Benefits

The working class in Malaysia is a distinctive breed of people. They are disciplined and hardworking.  Let’s face it, a country is only as good as its people. If you believe you deserve to part of the nation’s driving force, then there should be a lot more going for you. As one of the perceived rewarding career options, more and more people now are searching jobs in the Human Resource.

The field of human resources is stimulating and very engaging. Furthermore, working in Human Resources will serve you well as a professional. Let us look at the rewarding benefits of this profession.

  1. Position of Influence – If you are in Human Resources, chances are, you like people and being around them. However, simply having fondness for people is not only the requirement. You are in a position that can wield influence within the organization. You are part of the crew that is entrusted to screen, evaluate, and recommend prospective applicants who will fill in job vacancies or hire them for manpower expansion.Being in Human Resources are in a position of Influence company and personal too
  2. Develop and Help Other People – The kind of work you do in Human Resources entails helping peers outside of your group in their professional development. The organization will operate as a well-oiled machine when there is synergy among employees. It is your fundamental function to make use of information derived from performance reviews or exit interviews to improve the overall performance of the organization as a whole.
  3. Solution Provider and Mentor – You will be consulted by your co-workers in problem situations in the workplace. You are viewed as a person of integrity with a high level of objectivity. In most instances, you will also be the point person in dealing with new hires. These newbies would need proper guidance to begin their assimilation in the company culture.HR is the solution provider and mentor that you may want to apply for job
  4. New Challenges Everyday – A Human Resource professional meets new challenges every day. You are required to level up from mundane tasks to complex ones. There’s more of everything – personnel files, finance, accounting, and medical/health insurance. You should have an extensive knowledge of all processes related to human resources. Familiarity in information systems, as well as knowledge of computers, is a must.
  5. Worth the Compensation – Human Resources is a vital cog of any organization. For this reason, its personnel are indispensable. The compensation is appropriate to the demands of the job. You should not be worried about job displacement even with the rapid changes in technology and automation. Higher job responsibilities await you.
  6. Rise Up the Corporate Ladder – Rising up the corporate ladder is also the dream of a Human Resource person. Within the group are specific functions such as administration, recruitment, compensation, and training. Such functions are carried out by official and non-official personnel. There is further growth as you gain more experience. Also, higher job responsibilities also await for you.Businesswoman at top of ladder

The role of Human Resources is changing at a fast pace to meet the demands of today’s business organizations.  The shift in strategy is evident in the modern setting. Whereas before when hiring was an ordinary duty, today it is more of utilizing employees for meaningful work. Add to that the opportunities for future growth.

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6 Essentials to Become an Efficient and Successful Administrative Assistant

It takes a lot to run a company. That’s why companies have several departments that handle different functions for optimal returns and performance.


While these different departments all have varying functions and duties, they still need to work together to support one another. It’s the administrative body’s objective to guarantee this company-wide synergy. This sector of the enterprise is commonly headed by a senior executive assistant who answers directly to the senior executives of the company to provide reports on company performance and oversee operations on lower levels.

Beautiful Secretary

But before you can become a successful senior executive assistant, first you have to become an administrative assistant. Wondering what you can do to start your career journey on the admin path? Read on to find out the essential skills and traits of successful administrative assistants:

  1. In Sync With Technology – You probably used your computer a few times to look for admin clerk vacancies online. But did you know that a lot of the admin assistant functions you will perform in the office require much more tech skill than just that? Special software and applications are commonly and frequently used to create presentations, keep tabs on operations, and monitor progress to generate an idea of where the company stands. Another plus for some employers is an admin assistant who can navigate social media platforms with ease, as smaller businesses tend to delegate social media marketing to their admin assistant.
  2. Understands Numbers – Because admin assistants have access to all of the company’s information, it’s also possible that they might be able to spot where funds are being unnecessarily funneled. Employers will always be happy to have an admin assistant who can help them cut back on overhead expenses, so be sure to develop your math skills and keep your eyes open for lost value.
  3. Multitasks Easily – Encoding, filing, distributing mail, record keeping, and other clerical responsibilities all make up the admin assistant’s daily duties. Often, these tasks need to be performed every day, so it helps to be an admin assistant who can easily and quickly get all of these different functions done without errors.admin-clerk-does-not-have-thousand-hands-but-they-acquire-multitasks-skill
  4. Articulate and Personable – Admin assistants are the first person in the company that come in contact with clients, customers, or merchants who want to partner up. That’s why it’s important that you can articulate yourself well in order to establish good relationships with key individuals for your company. Practicing your speech and articulation, as well as your interpersonal behavior, could significantly improve your company’s performance and reputation to prospects and potential partners.
  5. Informative and Organized – Admin assistants answer to a lot of superiors, mostly because they’re the go-to-personnel for anyone who wants to get information on the different departments within the company. They’re also often called in for presentations so executives and other higher-ups can get an idea of the current company status. Staying organized with your information and being able to provide all the details in easy to understand and concise reports will leave a positive impression on your superiors.informative-and-organized-is-required-skill-to-every-admin-clerk
  6. Reliable and Trustworthy – For as much information as administrative assistants handle, there will always be confidential and private details that can only be shared with specific people in the company. Being able to secure documents and keep information guarded for the benefit of the different workers in the organization will create a safe environment for both employers and employees.

Administrative assistants are the foot soldiers of an admin department. They make sure their company is well-oiled and working at peak performance. Are you an effective admin assistant? Achieve success and move up the ladder by living out these 6 essential qualities of an ideal admin assistant.

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5 Job Hunting Tips For Those Who Want To Work In Interior Design


Pursuing a career in interior design is not exactly a walk in the park especially if you are a new graduate or if you are pivoting from another field. The competition can be tough and most companies are looking for people who have experience. However, there are certain things you can do to make it easier for you to land a good-paying job in the industry. These job hunting tips are discussed in more detail below:find-your-niche

1) Target a niche. A very common mistake among aspiring interior designers is that they try to do too many things at the same time. They end up not getting hired because potential employers can’t pinpoint the fields where they’re good at. With that said, you have to focus on a specific niche. There are several interior design styles you can choose from: modern, minimalist, contemporary, industrial, mid-century modern, traditional, transitional, bohemian, and Hollywood glam. Choose the style that’s most relevant to your skills and education background and focus on it. When you make it to an interview, it will be easier for you to sell yourself.77321788e180e55df4b93104568a232f_bigstock-flat-design-background-the-com-68038597-1170-516-c

2) Network like crazy. Knowing the right people is one of the keys to landing a good interior design job. In this day and age wherein everyone is online, it’s so easy to connect with people in the industry. Use online platforms like social media sites, forums, and blogs to reach out to important players in your field. Another great way to network is to attend as many design-related events as you can. These events often have job fairs where you can interact with potential employers.

mesh-template3) Create a professional-looking online portfolio. This can be in the form of a blog or a website. The number one thing that employers look for are samples of your work so be ready to provide one when asked by an interviewer. If you are just starting out without any paid experience, you can upload design concepts or ideas that you’ve come up on your own.sell-yourself-key

4) Advertise yourself. The goal here is to drum up as much attention as possible to yourself. This is called branding and it can be very effective in getting the attention of potential employers. The best way to do this is to set up a regularly updated blog or website then promote its content by being active in social media sites. You can also try paid advertising if you have the budget for it. Online advertising these days can be very cheap. Just make sure that you are buying ad space from sites relevant to interior design. 5) Try cold calling design companies. Many aspiring interior designers dread this strategy because it’s intrusive. However, it can be very effective if you know how to sell yourself the moment someone from the company picks up the phone. Design companies don’t always publicize job openings. If you call to inquire about openings and there happens to be one, that’s when you make your pitch. It’s a bold tactic that requires confidence.

Finding a good job in the interior design industry can be difficult considering the competition and how choosy companies are in sifting through applicants. However, you can significantly  improve your chances by being more creative in your job hunting approach. Following the tips discussed above would be a good start.

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5 Things You Never Knew About Being A Security Guard


Security jobs are one of those careers that are not popular among locals in Malaysia, and therefore are ‘outsourced’ to foreign workers, mainly from Nepal. However, working in the security line is a perfectly legitimate job that pays fairly alright and is often open to locals as well.

The demand for local security guards stem from the fact that many residents are concerned about how reliable foreigners are as guards. This has lead to many security agencies attempting to recruit more Malaysians to meet the demand of clients. If you are considering a career as security jobs, here are some things you need to know:

Royal Bafokeng 011cropSecurity Guards Undergo Vigorous Training

Most agencies professionally train their security personnel to face all sorts of critical situations and to make split second decisions that are vital to everyone’s safety. These training programs are usually carried out by ex-military or policemen, making the training regime very demanding both physically and mentally. This will ensure that only the most fit and suitable candidates can pass the demands of being a security guard.

securityguardserviceMost Security Shifts are Long

Many security guards work 12 hour shifts and if you plan to be one, you have to accept these long hours. Often, you will be required to work at night and into the wee hours until dawn. As such, it is good to have a flexible internal clock and no health issues as this may complicate things.history-of-security-guards

Your Background is Thoroughly Checked

In order to qualify as a security guard, you cannot have a criminal history or be charged and convicted of any crime. Careful background checks are often performed by agencies to ensure you have no connections to criminal organizations. Unfortunately, those who have a shady background are usually not hired. Candidates with a military or police background are always more favoured as potential security guards as they are seen to have more discipline and experience.5 (2)

Payment is Competitive

In the past few years, more and more security guard agencies are beginning to realize the importance of paying their employees well as it inspires better performance and loyalty. As such you don’t have to see salaries that are minimal anymore. Most agencies also take into consideration that local employees need to grapple with an ever increasing cost of living. Therefore, pay scales have improved much from the past 5-10 years.image-4309-800

It Looks Good on Your Resume

If you have plans in the future to join a career in the army or police force, but for some reason did not qualify, then having the experience as a security guard does boost your chances of winning a place. In fact, working as a security guard will impress any future employer, as it proves you are trustworthy and dependable. A good stint as a security guard will definitely ensure a brighter and better future for your career.Home-Top-Security-Problem-Test-750x400

Not All Security Guards Carry Firearms

If you join the security guard profession, you will find that there are different types of security guards, including those that guard neighbourhoods, banks, commercial buildings, construction sites and more. Not all of them are trained to carry firearms, as most rely on only a trusty baton.

A career as a security guard may be considered unconventional still, but it is still an honest and respectable job that will surely enrich your life.

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