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About Excessive sweating and how to Control it

Don't sweat the small stuff


Sweating is a normal function of the body. This reaction occurs when the body is working harder than usual and generates a lot of heat. It needs to cool down. Some people sweat more than others do. This occurs when people are working out, running or doing an extensive physical activity. People also sweat when it is hot outside or are anxious. Excessive sweating on the other hand occurs more profusely than usual. It is referred to as hyperhidrosis.
Hyperhidrosis is a sign of several conditions including diabetes, thyroid problems or infection. Furthermore, it affects those who are out of shape or overweight. This condition causes one to sweat profusely sometimes when it is not appropriate to the condition or situation at hand.

Types of sweating
Localized sweating is also referred to as primary focal hyperhidrosis. This is very common and usually affects people from their childhood or sometimes adolescence. It does not cause any illness. Neither is it a sign of infection or illness. It is specific to only some parts of the human body including groin, underarm, face, head, feet and hands. Little is known about its cause but mild nervous system malfunction is suspected as well as evidence it could be inherited.
Generalized sweating is also referred to as Secondary General Hyperhidrosis. It causes sweating all over the body especially during the night. It is usually cause by something hence the name. it may be triggered by a number of conditions including
• Pregnancy
• Menopause
• Alcoholism
• Thyroid problems
• Diabetes
• Rheumatic arthritis
• Heart failure
• Cancers like lymphoma and leukemia
Other things that can cause hyperhidrosis are Anxiety and Anxiety disorders as well as certain medications including:
• Some Psychiatric drugs
• Some antibiotics
• Some dry mouth medicine
• Some supplements
• Some medications for controlling blood pressure
Signs that necessitate one to see a doctor immediately are:

• If one is getting severe night sweats and wake up to find their pillows and beddings damp in the morning.
• If one is sweating generally from the whole body and not specific parts alone.
• If an outbreak occurs and is caused by medicine that one is taking.
• Any sweating that occurs asymmetrically, on only one side of the body, this is unusual.
• If one experiences sudden sweating that is increasingly getting worse.
• If one develops local hyperhidrosis during middle age or while older. This is abnormal since it occurs in childhood.
• Any sweating that is accompanied by unrelated symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, increased urination, coughing and increased thirst.
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Treating hyperhidrosis

There are no definite cure for this condition. However, it can be managed and controlled using a number of ways that include:
• Proper use of antiperspirants including prescription sprays, roll-ons and certain lotions is advised.
Botox injections can stop, temporarily, nerves from triggering this condition. These are received from an aesthetic doctor.
• Surgery is also highly advised if symptoms persist. It involves cutting a certain chest nerve associated with hyperhidrosis or removing a part of the sweat glands.

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Exploring Treatment Options for Alopecia Areata

1388487715Alopecia Areata is the medical term for a type of hair loss that often occurs in round patches on the scalp. Over time, hair loss may extend to the entire scalp. In a more rare form, body hair is lost as well. Hair may grow back on its own, or the hair loss may last for several years.

Cause and Diagnosis

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that can occur at any age. The body’s immune system mistakes the hair follicles for intruders and attacks them. It is common in children, and it does occur in multiple family members in some cases. Alopecia areata happens in otherwise healthy people and is not contagious.
This type of hair loss is usually diagnosed by a dermatologist. The dermatologist may be able to diagnose alopecia areata by looking at the patches of hair loss. The doctor may examine the hair under a microscope or take a small skin biopsy to verify the diagnosis. A blood test can be helpful to detect other autoimmune diseases as well.


alopecia-areataAlopecia areata treatments
As of this writing, there is no known cure for alopecia areata. Please don’t be fooled by companies who offer overnight hair growth pills or expensive shampoos. While there isn’t a cure, there are several ways specialists successfully treat hair loss in Singapore. What makes a good alopecia areata treatment can be quite dependant on age, severity of hair loss, and past response to medications. Methods that work especially well for alopecia areata include:


  • Corticosteroids in the form of localized injections or a topical cream or gel are often the first line of treatment. They may be used alone or combined with some of the medications described in this article.
  • Anthralin short contact therapy can sometimes modulate immune function to allow hair to regrow. Anthralin is a tar-like substance that is applied to the affected areas around half an hour to an hour.
  • Minoxidil is a topical medication that is safe for both children and adults. It is applied to the affected areas of hair loss twice a day and is often used in conjunction with other medications. It encourages hair to grow back over a period of months.
  • Diphencyprone, also referred to as DpCP, is a topical medication that provokes the immune system by causing a mild allergic reaction. For some people, this process stimulates the immune system and helps it recognize the hair follicles properly. This treatment does cause some temporary redness, swelling, and itching. When successful, hair begins to grow again in around three months.

Medical researchers are investigating several new treatments for alopecia areata. They are studying lasers and other light therapies as well as new medications designed to modulate the immune system. These treatments show some promise but are not available to treat hair loss in Singapore at this time. For more information about research, visit the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.


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Early Skin Care Saves: The Anti-Aging Habits to Adopt in Your 20s

Youthful, dewy skin seems destined to last forever when you are in your 20s, as ever-present as your boundless energy. But exposure to the sun and the activities that you choose can make it fade faster than you may think possible. Protecting your natural beauty requires preventive measures that prolong the health of your skin, according to WebMD at



Understanding the Skin Aging Process

Researchers at Dartmouth University confirm that you lose one percent of the collagen in your skin every year after you reach the age of 20. By taking preventive steps early in your adult life, you can delay some of the inevitable effects of age on your skin. As your body reduces production of collagen, the cell structures in your skin weaken and create sags and wrinkles, according to News Medical at


Taking Steps to Protect Your Skin

Doctors tend to agree that prevention is the best way to avoid the appearance of aging skin. As the adage suggests, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Consider anti-aging steps recommended by the Mayo Clinic.





Eating a Healthy Diet

Research shows that eating a diet of primarily fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains may help your skin look young and healthy. Rejecting processed and packaged food in addition to refined sugar contributes to a healthy diet. Shopping the outer rim of your grocery gives you an opportunity to choose fresh produce containing vital nutrients that nourish your skin.




Pampering Your Face and Body

Your daily hygiene subjects your skin to procedures that can damage it. To make your routines less damaging to your skin, make sure to follow these suggestions:

An antioxidant moisturizer or serum containing vitamins C and E, niacinamide, green tea and alpha lipoic acid provides nourishment that limits damage from pollutants and the sun.
Reject Strong Soaps 
Choosing a mild soap prevents stripping your skin of oils that it needs. Soaps that contain detergents are suitable for your laundry room but not for your skin.

Enjoy Short and Warm Baths 
A steamy hot shower can feel great and make you want to stand in it for a long time, but your skin benefits from a shorter shower and warm water. Washing away the oils means that you have to replace them later.

Pat Dry 
Blotting your skin after a bath allows some moisture to remain, and avoiding a vigorous scrub with your towel is beneficial.


• Shave in the Shower 

Taking advantage of the warm water that softens facial or body hair makes shaving in the shower a comfortable experience. Shaving in the direction that your hair grows is better than going against it.


Protecting with Sunscreen

Most people need a few minutes of exposure to the sun for the production of vitamin D, according to the Cancer Council of Australia. However, taking precautions is essential. Usually, applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen every two hours provides adequate protection unless you are swimming. Choose one with an SPF of at least 15. Also, wear long sleeves and long pants as well as a wide-brimmed hat. Choose clothing that blocks ultraviolet rays and laundry additives that make it resistant as well.


The age of 20 may seem too young to have concerns about preventing the appearance of aging skin, but it is not too soon to start. Eating a healthy diet, pampering your skin and protecting it with consistent use of sunscreen and moisturising anti aging serum are practical and effective measures that are available to you.

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Shopping For the Perfect Facial Cleanser For Your Skin Type

The Importance of Face Skin Care

Face skin care should be a big focus for all women, regardless of age. Since people only have one face, they need to treat it well. Otherwise, they could end up with an assortment of frustrating skin troubles, from premature aging and sensitivity to dryness and sagging. If you want to give your skin the care and attention it deserves, investing in a good facial cleanser should be your first step. If you want to find an effective facial cleanser, make sure to look for one that’s suited to your specific skin type. A cleanser that’s beneficial for dry skin, for example, might not be suited to oily skin.





Oily Skin

If you have oily skin that always feels greasy and full of unsightly pimples and blackheads, a cleanser that’s designed specifically to battle acne might be the right choice for you. Look for an acne cleanser that aims to maintain balanced oil levels in the skin.



Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be an exercise in patience for many. If you’re sick and tired of your skin getting red and irritated any time you put anything on it, a lightweight gel wash might be able to come to your rescue. Go for a soap-free cleanser that won’t dry your skin. Make sure the cleanser you choose is also devoid of any artificial fragrances and dyes. Both of these things can potentially irritate your delicate skin.




Dry Skin

If your poor skin is perpetually thirsty, then you have dry skin. Dry skin always seems to be full of flakes and rough patches, particularly by the nose. If your complexion always seems to feel unusually tight after you wash it, that’s another sign of dry skin. Get your dry skin situation under control by finding a cleanser that’s packed with moisturising components and essential oils. If you want to give your dehydrated skin the vital moisture it craves so much, look for a face cleanser that contains cocoa butter. A good cocoa butter-based cleanser can effectively eliminate debris and dirt without meddling with your complexion’s protective barrier.





Combination Skin

Combination skin is exactly what it sounds like — skin that has elements of both dry and oily complexions. If your cheeks always seem to be dehydrated but your chin, nose and forehead are oil central, then you have combination skin. Mild purifying cleansers can be excellent for helping people who have combination skin. A foaming purifying cleanser can skillfully do away with matter that obstructs your pores without robbing your complexion of essential hydration.




Normal Skin

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the ‘normal skin’ camp, jump for joy! If you don’t have to worry about shine or persistent dry patches on your complexion, that’s half the battle. Make the most out of your normal skin by washing it with a natural face wash. An exfoliating facial cleanser can do the trick. These types of cleansers can reduce dead, dull skin cells and simultaneously deep clean.


Research Your Cleansers

Never buy a face cleanser just because it happens to be popular or cheap. Treat your skin like the valuable organ it is. Since there are so many great skincare products out there that focus on specific skin types, there’s no reason to ever use anything that isn’t 100 percent appropriate for your complexion.

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Shakura Tricks for Getting The Effect of Bigger, Flirtier Eyes

Not every woman is born with big eyes, but for some reason women love the look. They like for their eyes to pop out and stand out. They tend to obsess over women with the big cartoon eyes like Lana Del Rey has. Luckily there are some makeup tricks that make your eyes appear to be a whole lot bigger, and the best part, it is very cheap.





Lana Del Rey


One trick that many women use to get the big eyes look, is white or a skin colored eye liner. Many women use black eye liner to line their water lines to make their eyes stand out. Black eye liner is pretty and it does make your eye color stand out, but it can actually make your eyes appear to be smaller. A lot of women now have discovered that simply using a white or nude colored eyeliner on their water line can make a whole lot of difference. Using white or nude colored eyeliner makes your eyes look wider and they appear to be a lot bigger, it makes them stand out.

Another beauty trick that helps make the eyes appear to be bigger is using a good concealer and covering up the dark circles under your eyes, Dark circles make your eyes appear to be smaller.

Longer eyelashes can also make your eyes appear to be a lot bigger. This works for the top and bottom lashes. If you apply mascara to both the top and bottom eyelashes, then your eyes will appear to be a lot wider, and if you add some white eyeliner or a nude liner to your water line it will really make your eyes pop and stand out.

The last trick that really makes your eyes stand out is the winged eyeliner. This look is huge, and many women that wear the wings on their eyelids also wear some white or nude eyeliner on their water line. Lana Del Rey is a great example. She always has this look and her eyes always stand out and look enchanting! Shakura shares this make-up strategy to make your eyes look bigger and flirtier. Take your time, and it will pay off for you!




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Five Tips Riders Should Follow for Safe Cyling

Cycling is becoming more popular all the time. Some people are taking it up after realising it is a great way to get into shape. Others are drawn to cycling because it is a great way to commute. Others are adopting it as a mode of transport because of its benefit to the environment. Whatever reason has brought you to the world of cycling, you need to know how to ride your bicycle safely. You are sharing the road with deadly motor vehicles, and you have to protect yourself. To that end, here is a look at five tips for cycling safety.


1. Always Wear a Helmet

Do not be that guy who think he is too cool for a helmet. Don’t be that lady who thinks her hairstyle is more important than putting on a helmet. Always wear a helmet every time you get on your bicycle. There is never any excuse for not wearing one. When you buy bicycle helmets, wearing them could save your life or prevent unspeakable brain damage if you crash.


wear helmet



2. Use a Horn

You wouldn’t want to drive a vehicle without a horn. It is even more critical that you have a horn on your bicycle. Unfortunately, many drivers will fail to see you when you are on the road. When they start to come near you, you want to have a horn on your bike to let them know they are encroaching on your space.


inspect bocycle

Make sure that your bicycle is functioning well!


3. Inspect Your Bicycle

Before you get on your bicycle to take it for a spin, you need to give it a quick inspection. This should only take a minute or two. Check your tires to make sure they are full of air. Test the brakes to ensure they are working properly. Check you chain to see that it is free of debris and secure tightly to the sprockets. When you take the time to do this inspection, it will prevent nasty malfunctions from causing an accident when you are zipping down the road.


4. Follow the Rules of the Road

When you are cycling, it is critical that you always follow the traffic laws. You are sharing the road with vehicles that outweigh you by thousands, in some cases tens of thousands, of pounds. You can guess who will win if you collide. To help protect yourself, always follow the traffic regulations to ensure that you are doing your part to prevent accidents from occurring.


Safe Cycling – Basic skills


5. Keep Your Head on a Swivel

As tempting as it can be to zone out and enjoy the bliss of being on a bicycle, it is important that you never let your focus wane while you are riding. In the country, you may get away with it. However, when you are riding in the city, even a moment’s inattention could lead to a deadly crash. You need to keep your eyes out for vehicles, other cyclists, animals and pedestrians. Also, you want to make sure to keep an eye on the surface of the road to look out for potholes, loose gravel and other obstructions.


cycling tips

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