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Shakura Tricks for Getting The Effect of Bigger, Flirtier Eyes

Not every woman is born with big eyes, but for some reason women love the look. They like for their eyes to pop out and stand out. They tend to obsess over women with the big cartoon eyes like Lana Del Rey has. Luckily there are some makeup tricks that make your eyes appear to be a whole lot bigger, and the best part, it is very cheap.





Lana Del Rey


One trick that many women use to get the big eyes look, is white or a skin colored eye liner. Many women use black eye liner to line their water lines to make their eyes stand out. Black eye liner is pretty and it does make your eye color stand out, but it can actually make your eyes appear to be smaller. A lot of women now have discovered that simply using a white or nude colored eyeliner on their water line can make a whole lot of difference. Using white or nude colored eyeliner makes your eyes look wider and they appear to be a lot bigger, it makes them stand out.

Another beauty trick that helps make the eyes appear to be bigger is using a good concealer and covering up the dark circles under your eyes, Dark circles make your eyes appear to be smaller.

Longer eyelashes can also make your eyes appear to be a lot bigger. This works for the top and bottom lashes. If you apply mascara to both the top and bottom eyelashes, then your eyes will appear to be a lot wider, and if you add some white eyeliner or a nude liner to your water line it will really make your eyes pop and stand out.

The last trick that really makes your eyes stand out is the winged eyeliner. This look is huge, and many women that wear the wings on their eyelids also wear some white or nude eyeliner on their water line. Lana Del Rey is a great example. She always has this look and her eyes always stand out and look enchanting! Shakura shares this make-up strategy to make your eyes look bigger and flirtier. Take your time, and it will pay off for you!




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A Beauty Guide to Using Foundation

Most young women and adult women too, use makeup foundation on their skin to even out skin tone, cover up blemishes or scars, and give an overall soft appearance to their facial skin. While makeup foundation can look great and very natural, some people do not use the correct foundation for their skin type and color, and they may be using the wrong application process as well. This article will aim to clear up any questions or concerns you may have about using foundation as a part of your makeup and skincare routine. Read on to learn more.

First of all, you need to find your perfect shade of foundation. Makeup foundation comes in several different consistencies or types: liquid, cake to liquid, cake powder, loose powder, cake form in a stick, and mousse form. There are advantages to each type of foundation, however generally speaking, if you have oily skin you should opt for a loose powder or cake powder, and if you have dry skin, you should opt for a cake form of foundation or a liquid form.


Foundation For skin



To find your perfect foundation shade, go to a makeup counter at a department store. Talk with a makeup artist or makeup consultant, and try a few different shades. Always test out your foundation on your chin line, as this is the most accurate representation of your entire facial skin tone, and it shows how the foundation will look next to your neck. You do not want your face to be a different color than your neck.



Foundation routine – how to get a flawless face

Once you find your perfect color of foundation, ask for a sample. You need to use a sample before purchasing an entire bottle of product, because then you can try it out at home before spending a lot of money.

At home, wash your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, pat dry, apply a light UV protective moisturizer, wait until the moisturizer dries, and put on a makeup primer. Now cover up any blemishes with a concealer, and finally, you are ready to apply your foundation. Use a foundation brush or disposable sponges, and use light gentle strokes in your application. Make sure to blend every bit into your skin so that there are no stroke lines in the foundation. More skin protection guides by New York Skin Solutions.


Foundation Brushes Guide


Makeup foundation can be a wonderful way to put your best face forward, and it can look so natural that many people may not even know you’re wearing foundation. Follow the advice you have read in this article, and you will be one of the people walking down the street who people give double takes to, wondering if you are even wearing any foundation yourself!


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Too Cool For School: Top 5 Best Selling Products

The Korean cosmetics company Too Cool For School launched in 2009 in Seoul and expanded across Asia. With clever and unique packaging and low prices, the brand has become quite popular and continues to grow. Today the company has more than 25 stores in Korean and stores in Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. The products are aimed at teenage girls and young women in their 20s and 30s. Some of the girly and cartoonish packaging may appeal mostly to teens, but the product line has no shortage of hydrating creams, facial masks and skin rejuvenators. Here are the top five best selling products according to the company website.


After School BB Lunchbox

Inside of a container that looks like a Bento lunchbox are BB cream foundation, concealer, and highlighter. The UV protecting foundations is in the bottle; the cap contains highlighter on one side and concealer on the other. Available in two different foundation formulations: matte skin or moist skin.





Angel Hand

This fragrant hand cream is available in three formulas: Grapefruit, Moringa and Shea Butter. All three contain shea butter, and the shea butter formula contains coconut oil. The product comes in an aluminum tube with a screw-off cap.


Angel Hand Cream




Egg Mousse Pack

This whipped moisturizing facial cleanser contains egg yolk and egg white extract. It cleans, moisturizes and brightens skin. Leave it on for about 15 minutes until the mousse has absorbed into your skin, then rinse.


Egg Mousse Pack



Rules of Trouble Dual Cover BB Cream

Available in either cream or solid, this slightly tinted cream covers blemishes, scars and red areas on the skin. SPF 30 UV protection and tea tree oil make it excellent for sensitive skin.


Rules of Troubles


Sienna Pouch

This makeup brush pouch features Sienna, one of four cartoon characters the company features on their product packaging. Sienna is the feminine character, Joey the tomboy, Emma the Bohemian artist, and Max the cat, the curious one. In addition, the Dinoplatz line features sketches of dinosaurs against cityscapes on its packaging.




The company does not sell products from its website. The website features product listings, information about the company, photos and videos from stores and promotions, and company contact information.

Some other popular items include lipsticks in containers that look like crayons, a makeup applicator that’s shaped like a marshmallow, a lip tint that doesn’t need to be blotted, roll-on and solid perfumes and a large selection of makeup tools, brushes and accessories. You can purchase Too School for School cosmetics online here.

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5 Lip Care Tips

Taking care of the lips is important. Not only does it help in making them look beautiful, but doing so can also create that radiant glow that so many desire. Whether woman use Sara Happ products or other cosmetics online, these tips can help lips stay in tip-top shape.

Smooth and Soft 
Ladies around the world might be surprised to hear that brushing the lips is one of the best ways to keep them soft and smooth. After brushing their teeth, ladies should bring the brush to their puckers. Doing so helps to remove dead skin cells that can make the lips look chapped and unappealing.

How To: Get Soft Lips (Everyday Lip Care Routine)


A Top Coat 
After the lips have been brushed and their beauty has been restored, women should then apply a layer of lip balm. Many different formulas exist out there on the market, so women often have to try a few products to find the one that is best for them. The best products should be long-lasting so that ladies do not constantly need to re-apply their lip balm throughout the day. For women who want a bit of shine, colored balms are available as well.

Anna Sui Lip Color Top Coat

Anna Sui Lip Color Top Coat


Looking Pretty 
While lip balm can give the pucker a little bit extra punch, most ladies want to go a step further and select a gloss or a lipstick that truly brings their mouths to the center of attention. Some products can be extremely drying, and they might actually make the lips look cracked. Choose a formula that is smooth and shiny but that also brings lovely pops of color to the mouth.

Long-lasting and Lip-plumping 
When women want to keep their lips looking fabulous, it is important to have a healthy sense of caution when it comes to products labeled either “long-lasting” or “lip-plumping.” These types of products can actually have ingredients in them that hurt the lips. They might feel sore, or they might be chapped after using such products.

Hair Removal 
Most people are probably surprised to see this heading here; however, it’s a necessary one. Ladies who use waxes or depilatories to remove hair above the upper lip need to take caution with these products. If they don’t, they could wind up seriously hurting or burning their precious lips.

Fortunately, by following these tips and keeping this information in mind, it is possible for ladies to have lovely lips all throughout the year.

These lovely lip care tips proudly brought to you by Should You Buy Makeup Online or Stick to Retail Stores?

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Edward Bess: Makeup Prodigy & Artist

Can an 18-year-old boy from South Carolina teach grown women about makeup? If his name is Edward Bess, he can teach them plenty. In fact, he can even invent a makeup line that enhances their skin, brings out their inner beauty and gives them a glowing complexion that lasts all day.

And now, at age 25, Edward has advised and made up some of the most beautiful and famous movie stars and influential women in the world. He always knew his sense of style could help women improve their appearance. When he was younger, he worked on the faces of his mother and three sisters, showing them what colors to wear and how to complete an outfit with lipstick. They trusted him even when he was only a child. He knew even then that he had a unique vocation.

He began at age 15 as a model for well-known fashion designers. But he saw he could be more useful to women if he could help them look better with his products, which he had begun formulating. Just as a musician flinches when a wrong note is played, he had grown tired of seeing women look all wrong in the makeup they were wearing. And that was all the motivation he needed to start his own makeup brand. His lipstick line, called Lip Wardrobe, is a makeup line with staying power.

He had his own counter at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman store, where influential women stopped by for a personal makeover from Edward. He was an instant success and his makeup line was a hit. Women loved the creaminess of his lipstick and went wild over the amazing range of colors.

Even though he is one of those rare people with an inborn sense of style, he is still thrilled to have such celebrities as Kristie Alley, Vera Wang and Courtenay Cox as well as the late Farah Fawcett among his customers.

Some of his customers just can’t get over that his concealer does not cake or crease, unlike the products they had been using. They wear it from morning to night. Edward loves meeting his customers when he occasionally visits his counters. They fuss over his handsome, boyish good looks, but more than that, they rave about his products.

Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe available at

Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe available at


Listen to a TBB fave, Edward Bess, talk about his gorgeous self-titled makeup range and its launch in the UK.

His advice to women is “Less is more,” and urges them not to put makeup on with a trowel. While he never imagined the success he now has, he doesn’t take it for granted. Stop by his counter one day and you may see Edward Bess doing a makeover on a customer and offering invaluable advice. You also may order Edward Bess makeup online. The next post you will learn How to Get The Best Deals at Online Cosmetics site.

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