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Find the Right Property for You in Singapore

Singapore is a place diverse in its dwellings. Some people choose to live in apartments right in the heart of everything, and they are always on the go. Others choose more spacious areas to raise a family, and they spent plenty of time in their large homes. No one right answer exists as to what is right for you. Instead, you must consider a variety of factors when determining what type of property to search for in Singapore.


Your Budget

buying home budget

Your ability to purchase or rent a property is going to depend heavily upon your financial ability. Instead of going out there to see what is available, you should consider the benefit of getting a pre-approval first. By obtaining a pre-approval, you have a strong sense of what you can afford, so you can look at appropriate properties. You might feel tempted to go out of your budget to get that condominium you really want, but remember, exceeding your budget can hurt you in the long term.


Desired Location

Singapore is a large, and you have many different options to choose from. Saying that you are going to buy a property in Singapore and that you are willing to look literally anywhere can be an overwhelming thought. Instead, start to pair down your list of options. Select several different neighborhoods that are of interest to you. When you are deciding what neighborhood you want to live in, you need to take an array of different factors into account.


Factors to Focus on

As you are browsing through different neighborhoods, you should absolutely take a look at the crime rates. While crime rates can certainly change in an area over a period of time, finding out the current situation can help you to have a sense of what the area is like. On top of that, you should also conduct some research on the school districts if you have children or are planning to have children. The reputation of the school could change over time too, so studying patterns of both the school districts and the crime rates is important. Living in an area with volatile reputations for both could leave you with trouble later. On top of that, see how long of a commute you would have to work or school from a particular area.


researching a neighborhood


Size of Your Family

One of the elements that influences whether you need a studio apartment or a large house is the size of your family. Still though, you can take a liberal approach to that situation. For example, instead of deciding that each of your children need his or her own bedroom, you could set up one bedroom for the boys and one bedroom for the girls if you are struggling to find a property within your budget.


boys and girls bedroom

Boys and girls bedroom


family sizeNot only do you need to take into account the current size of your family, but you also need to look to the future. While you can certainly move if your family grows, you should also pay attention to your short-term goals. If, for example, you are planning to start having children within the next year or two, small HDB flats in Singapore might be better left to single individuals or couples who have no immediate plans of adding children to their families.

Searching for property in Singapore might feel overwhelming because the area is so big and you also have an array of choices. Still though, you can find the right property for you. Taking the time to break down the different options and seeing what makes the most sense for you will guide your journey.

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Basic Things to Consider When Buying Property in Singapore

When looking to buy property in Singapore, it is necessary to have knowledge that pertains the market. The fact that there are different dealers makes it challenging to get the right quote. Every person tries to paint a good image about what they are selling, thereby making it hard for the buyer to identify any flaws. Therefore, getting the right details about something you are about to buy is vital. Very few dealers will take their time to educate their customers about market practices and procedures for easy acquisition. Well, this is not to mean that you cannot get real quotes when buying property. Here is a simple guide that will help you to get the best deal.

Don’t believe the hype

As mentioned earlier, no dealer will come out with details that show flaws in what they are selling. They always try their best to win the confidence of the buyer. To avoid making the wrong choices, it is advisable to conduct research about the property you want to buy. Go through different pages that list properties as well as reviews so as to obtain useful information that can help when making choices. Inspect the area to know whether the prices listed for that property match with its use.


Location and fieldwork

Accessibility is a major factor to consider when inspecting property. Check to ensure that there are good access roads. If you are looking to buying a condo in Singapore, it is good to confirm whether there are schools nearby. No one would like to travel long distances just to access some basic services. Walk around the area you are looking forward to buy so as to get the right picture of the availability of necessary services.




Consult with experts

To get facts about any changes in the market, consulting with experts comes as a mandatory consideration. They know more about what that property entails and are able to advise when it comes to buying. For new buyers, getting to the market can seem more of a challenge. This is the reason one needs to get an expert so as to make the right buying decisions. Do not rush to pay before getting clarification about availability of everything that is needed. Also, there are people who can help you to calculate the resale value of that property as well as its real value. Most people spend more on things they later regret buying, just because they did not take time to seek for facts.




Inspect smartly

Most buyers are deceived by the way something looks on the outside. This could lead to losses when one realizes there are missing items that are supposed to make that property complete. For this reason, it is necessary to inspect keenly before finalizing the purchase. Visit the site several times to confirm whether everything that is needed is intact. Do not fear to ask questions about several issues that don’t seem clear. Failure to do proper inspection could attract more expenses in form of repairs in the near future.



Consider your financing options

Most home buyers get their finances from different sources. If payment is to be made in parts, it is important to consider the reliability of the source one has at any moment. If there is a secure stream of money, then paying in parts could be possible. Others rely on mortgage, but the real issue is to identify the interest rate attached to it. 


Buying property in Singapore is one of the easiest procedures if one is equipped with the right information. Getting facts about the market before finalizing the deal is the best way to cut on costs that come with ignorance.



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Tips When Looking for Condos in Singapore


When moving to Singapore for a year or a number of years, finding a place to rent is vital for success. When looking at the real estate market for available condominiums in Singapore to rent, it can be overwhelming. However, keeping these tips in mind can help people when they are looking for condos in Singapore.


Understanding Reality

Singapore, like many other cultures in the world, does things in a particular way that may seem backwards or upside down to outsiders. While there is nothing wrong with having a different way of doing things, it is important to remember that Singapore is unique and distinct. Understanding this reality can help people when they realise that renting a condominium in Singapore is unique.


Having Help

It is highly recommended that people who are looking for Singapore condos identify a reputable real estate agent for assistance in finding an appropriate place to rent. Keep in mind that in order to view a condominium, an individual must contact a property owner or his or her representative. It can be quite challenging to contact the right people and view a place at an appropriate time. A real estate agent can help clients find condominiums in Singapore that can fit into a budget or a specific location in which they want to live.


Furnished or Unfurnished

Some Singapore condos are fully furnished with everything that one could imagine. It can be a great benefit not to bring unnecessary furniture, beds and other miscellaneous items that can be extremely costly to ship. However, if a particular item were to break, it would be extremely costly to replace. Some landlords may try to ask for a higher price to replace a broken item. When considering a condo, bring a camera and take pictures in each room about what items the landlord owns. It may be better to ship in furniture and personal belongings than to use furnishings that are already there.



Location, Location, Location

It can be easy to read about a condominium in Singapore that is close to various amenities and has transportation to places within a community. While visiting a particular condominium in Singapore, do some research about whether there is truly great transportation around the building. There are some condo for rent near Tiong Bahru MRT. Ask a tenant if an advertisement is true about parking or local bus stops. Asking questions about a location can save people problems.


A Good Clause

Before officially signing documents to rent a condo in Singapore, be sure that there is an expatriate clause that guarantees a return of a security deposit if the lease has to be cancelled. After all, an employer may decide to move an employee after six months instead of the two years that was originally promised. Property owners have expatriate clauses, and do not accept excuses if one cannot be found.


Singapore can be an amazing place to live. People can find the condo in Singapore that they want. Although there is time and patience that is required, the results are worth it.

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Searching for Property in Singapore for Foreigners

Singapore has become one of the most ethnically diverse islands anywhere in the world. The multi-cultural state sits on the edge of the Malaysian Peninsula and is home to millions of expats from international companies. The island’s cultures include Asians from other countries, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. Thousands of American and European expats live in Singapore.


Expat Communities

Most of the expats in Singapore have traditionally lived in the Central Business District of the city in the downtown area, and along Singapore’s East Coast. The district is where most foreign companies based their operations. However in recent years, most employers no longer pay for expat housing because it’s getting too expensive. Singapore has efficient Mass Rapid Transit, making the island’s communities easily accessible for commuters. Today, property in Singapore for foreigners is available all over the island.



Central Business District is popular with many expats for the proximity to shopping and restaurant.



Bukit Timah Road and Orchard Road is one of the most desirable districts for foreigners.


Singapore’s Different Districts

Singapore has 28 distinct districts. Many of the foreign schools are on the northern tip of the island, so a lot of foreign families with children search for housing in the northernmost districts. The Central Business District is still popular with many expats for the proximity to shopping and restaurants. Some of the most desirable districts for foreigners looking for property in Singapore are the areas between Bukit Timah Road and Orchard Road, the centrally located districts of 9, 10, and 11. The Central Business District has an array of upscale condos, and district 15, which is on Singapore’s East Coast, is highly sought after.



Become resident of Singapore expats can enrol their children in local schools that have an outstanding reputation for quality education.


Residency in Singapore for Expats

Government authorization is required for foreigners who want to own property in Singapore. The law applies to stand-alone properties that are on acreage or have a yard. The process to buy free-standing property may take up to a year to complete. The advantage of becoming a resident of Singapore is that if you have children, you can enroll them in local schools that have an outstanding reputation for quality education.

An expat may apply to become a Singapore Permanent Resident if they want to stay in Singapore for a long period. Becoming an SPR is a good option for an expat who wants to live in the country for at least five years and may apply to:

• Professional and technical skilled workers
• Global investors
• Financial investors
• Arts and culture



No restrictions for foreigners when buying condominium in Singapore.


Condo Options for Foreigners

Although there are strict requirements for foreigners who want to buy free-standing property in Singapore, no restrictions exist for buying a condo. If you’re in Singapore for a brief period, you may want to rent. However, if you’ll be on the island for a period longer than two or three years, buying a condo may be your best option. Traditionally, most expats lived in Bukit Timah, Orchard Road, or Tanglin. Sentosa Cove, one of the newer developed regions, has become popular.

Today, expats are searching for property in fewer expensive areas including Woodlands and Serangoon Gardens. Woodlands is popular with American expats because of the American School. The area is on the beach and has parks and jogging trails. Generally speaking, the further from Singapore’s Central Business Sistrict you are, the less you’ll pay to buy or lease a condo. The exception to the rule is what is referred to as “black and white” houses. The homes were built in Singapore’s Colonial era. The houses are highly sought after by British expats and are very expensive, no matter which district they’re in.


Why foreigners invest Real Estate in Singapore

Although massive high-rises dot the landscape, Singapore has more than 3,000 hectares of green space. The Singapore Botanic Gardens encompass 74 hectares. Singapore has hundreds of bars and restaurants, museums, markets, and shopping centres.

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A Guide For Making The Most Of Your Malaysian Real Estate Investment

The Malaysian real estate market is booming and properties are growing in demand. For some people, they want to move to Malaysia to experience Asian culture and lifestyle. For others, they are looking at Malaysia as a great place for foreign investment. For the latter, buying property in Malaysia allows investors a chance to capitalize on the high demand for rental properties by tourists and short-term visitors. But in order to make sure that they are getting the most out of the property, here are some tips that investors should be sure to consider.


Know What Guests Are Looking For

Before you begin thinking like an investor, it’s always a good idea to start thinking like a renter. In doing so, you’ll be able to think outside the box and aim to purchase properties that will be in high demand on the rental market. For example, some guests may be looking for the perfect flat that overlooks the beach and ocean. However, guests that travel in groups may be looking for a town house that can accommodate everyone who is traveling. There are different benefits for each type of real estate property, which is why investors should diligently consider their options before making any decisions.


Provide That Extra Touch

Travelers want to relax while they are on vacation and not worry about any monotonous tasks. Therefore, investors who own properties should aim to provide that extra touch that hotels or other accommodations won’t provide. One way to do this is by offering top-notch services like maid cleaning or in-house cooking. Another way to please guests is by helping them find great activities that they can do during their time in Malaysia. Not only will this help you please your current renters, but this extra service will also help you get returning guests and future renters as well.


unique house




Find Help If You Need It

If you are investing from abroad, it may be difficult to keep up with your Malaysian property. With that in mind, you may want to consider hiring help to keep up with your property. This can include a management agency or landlord who will help you keep up with the property while you are away, or it can be a go-to resource to help with guests once they arrive. Whatever it may be, finding help in Malaysia is a great way to ensure that your property thrives, even if you are not living in the country.


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Picking the Way to Buy Your Luxury Property

When you have made the decision to buy a luxury property, there are many things that accompany that decision. Things such as picking your property loom on the horizon, but something that is much more important than picking the property is picking how you will buy your luxury property. From building it to dealing with realtors, make sure that you have a few things in mind when you are deciding on how to buy it and who to buy it from.


luxury houseConnection
As with any type of buying experience, make sure that you are able to make a connection with your chosen realtor or builder. They should be able to easily get on the same page as you and should be able to materialize the vision that you are having for a luxury property. Make sure that they are respectful of what you want and they will be able to provide you with what you need.


While price of a realtor or builder may seem like a minute thing when you are choosing a luxury property, it can be the deciding factor that makes all of the difference in your property. Make sure that you find a realtor or a builder who is not charging you too much or too little. This will ensure that you will not get ripped off by overly high rates and you will get quality work instead of low ball rates. Visit Living@KLCC for Luxury Pavilion Condo For Sale.


When you hire a realtor or a builder, you want to make sure that they will be available to suit all of your needs. Consider hiring one that has longer hours and will be able to answer questions for you no matter what time of day or night it is. Make sure that the realtor or builder you hire makes themselves totally available to all of your needs no matter what time or day it is.


All of the above factors will count for nothing if your realtor or builder is illegitimate. Make sure you ask friends, family and neighbors for a referral when it comes to choosing your realtor or builder. Ensure that they have a good reputation by talking to people in the business and consider asking your local chamber of commerce for help when it comes to choosing someone that will make your luxury property dreams into a reality for you.



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