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Fun Uses for EPE Foams

EPE foam, otherwise known as expanded polyethylene foam, is commonly found in a bead format. It is a type of foam that is closed-cell by design, and because of this, it is highly resilient yet can be molded to conform to specific shapes. Its unique material and properties make it very resilient, and it can hold its shape well without deformation even when exposed to significant or repetitive impact. In addition, it has a cushioning property that is suitable for protection with certain uses.




Product Packaging

The most common way that EPE foam is used is for product packaging. Beads made from EPE foams may be used when shipping new products to different locations for delivery, and the beads can also be purchased by individuals for packaging uses. For example, the foam beads may be placed in moving boxes when an individual is packing up belongings to move to a new home. The material is affordable, and it can be purchased in smaller or larger quantities based on need. In addition to the beads, the foam material can also be customized in larger, molded sheets to conform to specific products for shipping and packaging purposes.


EPE Foam



Other Types of Uses

EPE foam is affordable and durable by design, and because of this, it is also found in various other types of products. For example, this is a common material that is used in exercise equipment such as foam rollers.



foam roller for exercise



It may also be used on handlebars on bikes and on a wide range of other products.

EPE Foam Handle Bar for Bike




Generally, this is a material that is white, but it can be colored or tinted to fit specific needs. For example, many foam rollers used for exercise purposes may be colorful rather than white. In addition to these uses, individuals may be able to purchase some crafting supplies in local stores that have been made from EPE foam. The material can be purchased in a desirable shape or size, or it can be cut based on need. It can be used on everything from home crafting projects to school projects and more.





Other Foams Are Available

It is important to note that EPE foam is just one of several types of foam available for you to consider using. Foam products generally have similar properties, such as those related to shock resistance. However, the absorbency and density of the material can vary significantly. When making your decision about which foam to purchase for your specific needs, consider the general properties as well as the cost and color options available. While the cost of the material can also vary, it is more important to find a foam material that meets your needs as a first step before comparing costs.

Whether you have been thinking about purchasing EPE foam or other types of foam, you can learn about more foam types here as a first step. Once you have decided which type of foam you want to purchase, you can easily place your order for the right material for your needs and your budget.


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