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Credit Card Travel Insurance Coverage: Get Peace Of Mind

When traveling to a different country, it is always wise to manage your finances properly. Whether you are traveling for leisure, business or even charity, making use of a credit card that is widely accepted in millions of establishments around the globe is a huge advantage. But did you know that your credit card may also insure you?

Travel Insurance: Why It Is Necessary

Travel insurance is a necessity for when you experience an untoward incident affecting your trip. It could be due to flight delays, cancelled bookings, missing baggage, medical emergencies or even lost cash. If you have travel insurance, you are already safeguarding your trip. You would need it whether you are a frequent traveler or on your first trip abroad.

Credit Card Travel Insurance Coverage

To know if your credit card offers travel insurance, you need to read the fine print sent to you when you received your card in the mail. If you’ve already thrown it away, you can find it easily by searching online and looking for your exact credit card. You would need to browse through the fine print to understand what is covered during your trip, as various banks offer different types of credit card travel insurance coverage.

Likewise, check the requirements for qualifying for their travel insurance. Are you required to use the credit card for booking the flight? Must you use it at least once during your trip? Another thing to check is the duration of the coverage. Some credit card companies offer travel insurance for as little as 30 days or much as 90 days from the date of departure and arrival.

Travel insurance can be expensive and complicated. But if you already have one because of your credit card, it is a great plus for you. If you are thinking of getting a new credit card for your travel needs, double-check if they have this feature. Not only will it save you time and money, but it will also give you peace of mind when you are on your way to a different part of the globe.

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4 Ways You’re Losing Out Without a Life Insurance

Life Insurance

When you are in interested in personal financing or wealth building in Malaysia, the topic of life insurance cannot be denied. So here we discuss what you will be missing out on if you do not get a life insurance with savings plan to show you just how effective and relevant life insurance is.


1 . If you do not have life insurance, your family will have a hard time to pay the final costs

The truth of the matter is that there are things to pay for when a person dies. There are the costs of a funeral, medical care, and other things that need to be paid, which may also include estate administration fees, etc.


  1. If you do not have a life insurance policy, you leave your family with worries about debt

For example, if you owe a mortgage on your home or property, the family may not have enough money to pay for those items when you are gone. Missing mortgage payments leads to a high risk of losing the property and home. But a life insurance policy would provide the necessary money to deal with those issues.

you leave your family with worries about debt


  1. If you do not have a life insurance policy, there may not be enough money to pay for your children’s university education

When there is not sufficient money to pay for a university education, children suffer and have to settle for less than ideal circumstances. But having a good college education provided by life insurance money would bring a good, secure life for them since once they graduate, they would likely be able to find a good job with good pay to sustain them.


  1. When you don’t have a life insurance policy, you could be leaving your family without an income

Maybe your spouse or children cannot work due to illness or a lack of jobs being available. Without money from a life insurance policy, they could find themselves in a financial hardship.


To prevent you from worrying about passing these eventualities on to your family after you die, it is advised that you talk about getting a life insurance with savings plan. So be sure to talk to a financial advisor to get things settled well for your peace of mind and the benefit of your family.

talk to a financial advisor

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Worst Financial Decisions of Your 20s and Best Available Ways in Malaysia to Make Them Right

Your 20s are both amazing and terrifying. You are both young to make mistakes and old enough to take wise decisions. This stage of your life, most often than not, determine where you might be in the future. But if there is one thing that you must already be doing in your twenties, it is preparing for your future financially.

Due to the many desires you tend to prioritize during this stage, financial security may fall to the bottom of your list. But you should not despair because below are the most common financial mistakes you tend to do during your 20s and some of the best ways to solve them:


  1. Depending on credit cards
  • Applying for a credit card in Malaysia is easy peasy. Based on your need, Malaysian credit card providers may cater to your very need for as long as you have the capacity to pay. However, habitually living off your credit card may have a significant impact on your life financially especially if your expenses grow larger more than your savings because of it. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you have a budget plan every week to minimize unnecessary spending. Better yet, cancel your credit card if your expenses are becoming out of control.


  1. Saving Alone
  • Saving is probably one of the great things you could do to secure your future financially. However, during our 20s, we tend to forget that saving alone is not enough. As they say, we must learn how to make our money work for us. And the truth is, there is a very efficient way to do this—life insurance with savings plan. Life insurance with savings plan is a kind of specialized insurance in which you may choose the amount of money you want to save as well as the maturity date of the insurance. This type of insurance is very much available in Malaysia and insurance providers may customize this plan depending on their financial capacity at the moment.


  1. Wrong Investments
  • People in their early 20s tend to prioritize things that depreciate over time like cars or gadgets. This has become one of the most common financial mistakes considering that the value of these things tend to go lower over time which may also mean dead end for the money you used. If you wish to avoid this type of mistake, financial planners may be sought for advice. In Malaysia, financial planners are expert individuals who may help you plan your financial life. They may custom fit your needs in the present and future investment, depending on your short-term and long-term plans. To ensure your security, look for financial planners who have passed either the Registered Financial Planners or Certified Financial Planners examination.


Although your 20s may be full of uncertainties, your financial security must always be on top of your list. This would ensure not just your future but the future of your family as well. So if you are looking for ways on how to minimize financial mistakes and make wise money decisions, do not hesitate to look for efficient means and assistance in Malaysia.

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What Next From Vinod Sekhar After Green Rubber

Some would call him a chip off the old block. Others would say the spirit of his late father lives on in him, but whatever one says, the fact remains that Datuk Vinod Sekhar shares the late Tan Sri Dr BC Sekhar’s passion for rubber.

And taking from the foundation built by the elder Sekhar, Vinod has spent the best part of the late decade with a team of scientists to improve and perfect the DeLink process of recycling rubber – the world’s only patented method of doing so.

Today, as President and CEO of the Petra Group, Vinod is excited as he speaks of developments in recycling rubber. And soon he will have a brand new plant which will recycle discarded rubber tyres, in Malaysia.

Plans are also afoot to build other plants around the world to recycle the estimated 1.3 billion tyres that are discarded globally and turn them into usable products that are of benefit to mankind.

The effect of this transcends the recycling sector and even enters health – specifically the containment of dengue which is now a major problem in Malaysia, with hospitals sending patients home to recuperate.

Dengue which is spread by the Aedes mosquito breeds and multiplies in discarded tyres that contain water – a cause of the disease’s spread in Malaysia and other Asian countries with lower levels of awareness compared to more developed countries.

Coming back to recycling, however, the fact remains that discarded tyres are a major source of pollution, no thanks to the tyre mountain that exist in some countries. This causes chemicals in them to seep into the soil, raising concerns of a potential environmental catastrophe.

Vinod’s Green Rubber Global Ltd, a subsidiary of the Petra Group, is already providing its technology to the Timberland Company which, since 2009, has produced shoes where the soles are made from recycled rubber.

The DeLink technology that is used for the rubber recycling process has since been improved and bettered to now be more efficient thanks to Vinod and his team of scientists.

Starting with the Timberland Company, the world is now recognising Green Rubber, which is what the recycled rubber is called, as a major discovery of the 21st century. We await with bated breath on what else Vinod and the Petra Group will come up next.

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5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Are Drawn To Do Business In Malaysia

You may have picked up on a trend that began some time ago and is consistently developing momentum. The trend in question is the tendency of entrepreneurs to seek business opportunities in Malaysia. With a trend being so defined and strong, there must be powerful influential factors that drive the trend. There are a number of benefits to doing business in Malaysia. You will find that doing business in Malaysia may expose you to opportunities that you don’t currently have access to.

The opportunity for you to start and grow a business in Malaysia has never been as prevalent as it is now. Why are so many entrepreneurs drawn to Malaysia? Take a look a few of the primary reasons.


Competitive Advantage in Production

The economy in Malaysia is conducive to creating a thriving and competitive business that is founded in the production and processing of products. A great deal of the success is based on the fact that natural resources are in abundance conjoined with the fact that the country has a state-of-the-art transport and telecommunications infrastructure. The systems is literally designed to build and grow businesses.


Low Costs and Overhead

Setting up a business in Malaysia means that you will be able to conduct business is a highly cost effective manner. You will have access to employees with high skill levels while being able to keep you labor cost down.


Climate and General Environment

To most, the climate in Malaysia is considered to be highly favorable. The country also has some exceptional educational opportunities. Many entrepreneurs find that it is a good place to relocate their families. There are many competent professional that are well-versed in English, eliminating the language barrier that is prevalent in many other countries.








Taxation and Financial Incentives

Malaysia is also known for its taxation and financial incentives which are designed to encourage businesses to relocate to the country. These benefits are even more significant in the realm of investing, especially investing in research and development. There are some great opportunities for manufacturers, healthcare centered companies, biotechnology companies and industrial related technology.

The political environment is also highly favorable to domestic and international business development, especially when it comes to dealings with companies from the U.S.


Finding the Right Resources

Starting a company in Malaysia has its benefits, but understanding navigating through the process can be challenging. This is why it is extremely important to find the right resources. There are a number of ways that you can get help with company formation in Malaysia. You can do all of the leg work yourself. This can be time consuming, but it is a viable option.

A more common way is find a company that specializes in helping entities form companies in Malaysia. This type of company will be aware of all of the requirements and necessary paperwork that must be completed. Using this type of service will allow you to save time and money in the formation of your company in Malaysia. You will also be able to gain valuable insight into the vast opportunities that are available for your business.

These companies may also be able to help with cross-cultural training for you and your family, minimizing the risk of culture-shock.

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