5 Things You Never Knew About Being A Security Guard


Security jobs are one of those careers that are not popular among locals in Malaysia, and therefore are ‘outsourced’ to foreign workers, mainly from Nepal. However, working in the security line is a perfectly legitimate job that pays fairly alright and is often open to locals as well.

The demand for local security guards stem from the fact that many residents are concerned about how reliable foreigners are as guards. This has lead to many security agencies attempting to recruit more Malaysians to meet the demand of clients. If you are considering a career as security jobs, here are some things you need to know:

Royal Bafokeng 011cropSecurity Guards Undergo Vigorous Training

Most agencies professionally train their security personnel to face all sorts of critical situations and to make split second decisions that are vital to everyone’s safety. These training programs are usually carried out by ex-military or policemen, making the training regime very demanding both physically and mentally. This will ensure that only the most fit and suitable candidates can pass the demands of being a security guard.

securityguardserviceMost Security Shifts are Long

Many security guards work 12 hour shifts and if you plan to be one, you have to accept these long hours. Often, you will be required to work at night and into the wee hours until dawn. As such, it is good to have a flexible internal clock and no health issues as this may complicate things.history-of-security-guards

Your Background is Thoroughly Checked

In order to qualify as a security guard, you cannot have a criminal history or be charged and convicted of any crime. Careful background checks are often performed by agencies to ensure you have no connections to criminal organizations. Unfortunately, those who have a shady background are usually not hired. Candidates with a military or police background are always more favoured as potential security guards as they are seen to have more discipline and experience.5 (2)

Payment is Competitive

In the past few years, more and more security guard agencies are beginning to realize the importance of paying their employees well as it inspires better performance and loyalty. As such you don’t have to see salaries that are minimal anymore. Most agencies also take into consideration that local employees need to grapple with an ever increasing cost of living. Therefore, pay scales have improved much from the past 5-10 years.image-4309-800

It Looks Good on Your Resume

If you have plans in the future to join a career in the army or police force, but for some reason did not qualify, then having the experience as a security guard does boost your chances of winning a place. In fact, working as a security guard will impress any future employer, as it proves you are trustworthy and dependable. A good stint as a security guard will definitely ensure a brighter and better future for your career.Home-Top-Security-Problem-Test-750x400

Not All Security Guards Carry Firearms

If you join the security guard profession, you will find that there are different types of security guards, including those that guard neighbourhoods, banks, commercial buildings, construction sites and more. Not all of them are trained to carry firearms, as most rely on only a trusty baton.

A career as a security guard may be considered unconventional still, but it is still an honest and respectable job that will surely enrich your life.