5 Habits of Strong Readers and Writers

Becoming a good reader and writer might seem out of reach for a great number of people, but in actuality, adopting some simple habits can get you on your way to stronger reading and writing skills. Nowadays, most children and teens are reading less, which is hindering their ability for reading comprehension while also affecting their ability to develop strong writing skills. Here are some easy-to-adopt habits that will help you become an ace at reading and writing:




Pick up a book

Reading is the foundation for strong writing skills, so in order to create relevant text, you’ll have to read often. Whether it’s the latest chapter book or an informative medical journal, reading often will expand your vocabulary and improve your ability to absorb information. If you don’t have a genuine love of reading, you can try easing yourself into this habit by trying to read the MOST popular books. It’s important to start with a book that’s easy-to-comprehend so you don’t get discouraged.








If your writing skills are currently lacking, the best way to strengthen them is by practicing. As the popular saying goes, practice makes perfect and if you don’t try, you’ll never reach your goals. You can try looking at the way the most successful writers phrase their words and try to emulate their style.


Nix bad habits

Cell phones, tablets and computers are all extremely convenient and help us accomplish tasks or communicate with friends or family members. However, most people tend to send texts with slang terms that can affect a person’s writing, spelling, reading and grammar skills. When sending text messages, it’s important to avoid shortening words or omitting commas and periods. Instead, try to write in a grammatically correct format. After a while, you’ll notice that your writing and grammar skills are stronger.


Say adios to distractions

The TV, your cell phone and the computer can make concentrating on a book nearly impossible. However, in order to improve your comprehension of a book, you really need to avoid these common distractions. When you decide to read, do it in a quiet place where you can give the book all your attention.


Use stronger words

If you want to improve your writing skills, you will have to strengthen your current vocabulary. Writing can become flat if you continue to use the same words over and over again, so try to mix it up when you write. There are several ways you can improve your current vocabulary. One way is to get a thesaurus and write synonyms of words you like to use a lot. Another way you can make your vocabulary more plentiful is by learning a new word each day. Having a strong vocabulary will also help improve your reading comprehension skills.


Highlight parts you don’t get

A simple way to improve your reading comprehension is by highlighting the parts or words you don’t understand in a book. That way, you’ll be able to reread that part of the book and get a better understanding. Writing down the words or phrases you don’t understand is also helpful.

Improving your reading and writing isn’t something that will happen overnight. In order to see results, you’ll have to work hard each and every day.