4 Essential Tips for Buying Bedroom Furniture for Kids

No matter how old your child is they need furniture for their bedroom. However, many parents don’t know exactly what to buy, especially for children who are approaching their teens. While the furniture you buy has a lot to do with your home, there are some guidelines that can help keep you from spending a fortune updating your child’s furniture as they age. Use these tips from teak furniture specialist Ethnicraft Singapore to help you buy bedroom furniture for your children that will really last.




Safety First

When it comes to buying children’s furniture, the most important consideration is whether or not a piece is sturdy and safe. While buying some pieces made of solid wood or strong materials is a good idea, it may not be feasible to fill a child’s room with all solid wood pieces.

Take the time to do your research when you buy children’s furniture, especially items like cribs and beds with rails, to make sure they are safe. Read the reviews and make sure you see the real thing in person. You don’t want to buy a crib with faulty rails or a changing table that isn’t sturdy enough.


Bed for Kid



Consider Storage

Kids have a lot of toys, books and all sorts of things that they want to play with and keep in their room. In fact, many children tend to be collectors, wanting to keep everything they come in contact with. That’s why storage is so important.

Cubby-style storage is ideal for children of all ages because it can be dressed up as kids get older. For younger children, items like bench seats that can double as toy boxes are particularly useful. Built-in shelving never really goes out of style if you choose a modest finish as well.


Kid bed 2



Buy Reusable Pieces

Children grow up quickly and their tastes change just as fast. For that reason, it’s important not to buy pieces of furniture that they will outgrow if they’re too expensive. Some items like a bed, as long as they are simple designs, can fit a child between eight and 18. However, that race car bed your 10-year old loves just won’t work when they turn 16.

If you buy pieces you think you might be able to use throughout the rest of your home though, you won’t be stuck with something you paid for and can’t use when your child outgrows them.


Easy to Clean?

Children have a tendency to be messy and sticky little fingers are going to be all over everything. Ideally, you should be purchasing furniture that is easy to clean with soap and water. If you don’t, you may end up with bedroom furniture that needs to be replaced before you and your child actually need something different.